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United Kingdom Customers

While this may not be not "absolute", we provide the following information to help our United Kingdom customers determine the best way to have tea and tea ware items shipped for the lowest price possible based on our past experience.

  • If you order only "tea" - You will almost never be taxed on your purchase regardless of shipping method.
  • If you order any kind of tea ware (tea pot, tea cups, etc) and ship it by FIRST CLASS, "usually" you will not be taxed.
  • If you order any kind of tea ware and also have it shipped by EXPRESS MAIL, you face about a 50% chance of the parcel being intercepted by customs and having a hefty tax applied. Additionally, PARCEL FORCE will tack on an additional fee for delivery outside of what you already paid to us.  We have only experienced this type of situation with the UK, and sometimes the shipping fee is almost the same or more than the value of the items!  So if also wish to purchase tea ware (tea pots, etc)  from us, we recommend that you ship by FIRST CLASS and not by EXPRESS MAIL.  Even though you do assume responsibility for loss, we have never actually had a parcel lost when it was shipped to the United Kingdom so the risk appears to be low. Please note that you still could be charged taxes and extra shipping fees if you ship by first class, but we have not encountered that as of yet.
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