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Terms & Conditions

1) All orders are usually processed and shipped within 24 hours, 365 days a year. 

2) All food & tea items bound for the USA complies with FDA Prior Notice regulations.

3) We are pleased to offer shipping to a variety of destinations outside of Japan. Currently we are only shipping to countries that have a proven track record in handling deliveries in a timely and efficient manner.  O-Cha.com will continue to add additional countries to our shipping services as we proceed.

4)  International Duties and Taxes: Upon your package arrival to its destination country, it will be held for Customs Inspection.   Once your package clears customs and is released for delivery you may be subject to duties, taxes, and broker fees.  This is highly dependent on the country, some are quite relaxed (The USA & Canada) while others (Germany, sometimes the UK) are not.  We do not control nor are we responsible for these fees.  (Please see chart at bottom of this page for country specific information).

Please note that we are required to include an invoice in every package, as authorites in many countries (like Germany) will refuse delivery without it. 

We regret to inform you, O-Cha.com does not refund shipping fees if the package comes back to us because of your refusal to pay duties, taxes or broker fees.

3) Replacement of lost items - O-Cha.com will replace items lost or damanged when the customer choses to ship my Express Mail (EMS) onlyO-Cha.com will not be held responsible for replacemt of items shipped by first class or any other means other than EMS should they become lost or damaged. While the risk of lost parcels when sent by first class is low, lost parcels DO occur on occasion and customer assumes risk of loss if EMS is not chosen as the shipping method. EMS (Express Mail Service) includes insurance for losses.and tracking,  we highly recommend shipment by EMS. Please see chart below:


Shipping Options




First Class


Includes insurance for loss or damage:



Customer assumes risk of loss


If parcel is lost or damaged, customer will not be liable and either a replacement or refund will be given.

Order Tracking:



Does not include tracking


Order can be tracked

Typical Delivery Time:

5-11 days

3-5 days



Usually will be returned if not picked up from post office within 10 days. Under cirucmstance where customer fails to pick up parcel and the parcel is returned to us, customer is responsible for any re-shipping fees.



4)  In cases where parcels are returned because customer was not available to accept delivery, or where delivery was attempted and customer did not pick up items from local postal service, O-Cha.com cannot be held liable for re-shipment fees. Re-shipment fees under such circumstances will be at the customer's expense. USA CUSTOMERS ORDERING BY EXPRESS MAIL: If you are not home when your Express Mail package is delivered by the USPS, they will return your items to us if not picked up from your local post office within 10 days. O-Cha.com cannot be held liable for the costs of re-shipping fees in such cases.

5) When mistakes are made by local postal authorities beyond the control of O-Cha.com and an item needs to be re-shipped, O-Cha.com cannot be held liable for shipping fees.

If in doubt, use EMS shipping!



Country Specific Additional Information...

Based on our experiences, please take note of the following additional inforrmation

to help you choose which shipping method to use.


Italy EMS ONLY Status due to excessive delays by customs and our need for tracking. Based on our experience, even if you choose "Express Mail" as your shipping option, it can still take up to 3 weeks or even longer for your parcel to be delivered. 
Germany EMS ONLY Status due to excessive delays by customs (6 weeks for a standard 1st class parcel!), high incident of chargebacks after said delayed delivery, and our need for tracking.
United Kingdom

Based on our experience... if you order only "tea" and no tea ware, you will almost never be taxed on your purchase regardless of shipping method. If you order any kind of tea ware (tea pot, tea cups, etc) and ship it by FIRST CLASS, "usually" you will not be taxed.  If you order any kind of tea ware and also have it shipped by EXPRESS MAIL, you face an over 50% chance of the parcel being intercepted by customs and having a hefty tax applied. Additionally, PARCEL FORCE will tack on an additional fee for delivery outside of what you already paid to us, with the fees often being more than the original cost of the order!  We have only experienced this type of situation with the UK.  

So if wish to purchase tea ware from us, we recommend that you ship by FIRST CLASS and not by EXPRESS MAIL.  Even though you do assume responsibility for loss, we have never actually had a parcel lost when it was shipped to the United Kingdom.

United States Based on our experience, if you order by Express Mail there is some chance that the postal service will fail to leave a notice with you. If the parcel is not picked up from the post office within 10 days, they WILL return it to us.  By ordering EXPRESS MAIL, you assume responsibility for picking up your parcel regardless of whether a notice is left or not. We cannot be responsible for the fee to re-ship parcels that were not picked up.
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