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Customer Bonus Points Information

How To Use Bonus Points

1) While you are not required to register an account to make purchases, only registered users with accounts can use the bonus point system.

2) Points earned on an order cannot be used for a discount on that very same order.  Earned points are for subsequent orders only.

3) Bonus points generally expire one year after they are obtained. We recommend that if you earn bonus points that you use them as soon as you are able to redeem them. As we often upgrade our shopping cart, we cannot research bonus points you may have earned over one year ago.


4) If you don't have enough points to make a full purchase, the discount will be deducted and you will be brought back to the payment screen and be offered an alternative method to pay for the remainder of your purchase.

5) To use points is to convert them to a gift certificate for later use (or as a gift for someone else), this is how you do it...


First, make sure you are logged in! 


1) Click either the "Profile" link in the upper right corner of the main screen or on the "My Bonuses" link down near the bottom.

2) Click on the "My Bonuses" tab.

3) Click on the "Convert to a Gift Certificate" Botton. Note: You need at least 60 points to convert.

gift certificate


4) Fill in your own name twice (If you want to use this for yourself)

5) Fill out how many points you want to convert

6) Fill out your own email address

7) Click "Create Gift Certificate"

gift certificate 2


8) You will be emailed a gift certificate to use in the cart the next time you make a purchase. 

9) When checking out, choose "Gift Certifcate" as your payment method

(*** Please note that a "Gift Certificate" is not the same thing as a "Discount Coupon!")





Bonus Points Conversion Rate:


1) On most products in our store, registered customers earn 5% on purchases for later use.

2) To know the value of your points, multiply the number of points you have by 5 to see how much credit you have in Japanese yen.

(Example: 138 points X 5 = ¥690 Japanese yen)

3) Our shop's fixed prices are based on the Japanese yen.  To find the value in your local currency, divide yen rate by your currency conversion.

(Example: If $1.00 US Dollar = ¥82 Japanese yen, and you have ¥690 in bonus points.  690 ÷ 82 = $8.41. The tool below can help you determine this easily.)



Gift certificates