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Customer Bonus Points Info

How To Use Bonus Points

Important Notes:

  1. While you are not required to register an account with us to make purchases, only registered users with accounts can use the bonus point system.
  2. Points earned on an order cannot be used for a discount on that very same order. Earned points are for subsequent orders only.
  3. Bonus points generally expire one year after they are obtained. We recommend that if you earn bonus points that you use them as soon as you are able to redeem them. As we often upgrade our shopping cart, we cannot research bonus points you may have earned over one year ago.
  4. To use points, convert them to a gift certificate for later use (or as a gift for someone else). If you don't have enough points to make a full purchase, the discount will be deducted and you will be brought back to the payment screen and be offered an alternative method to pay for the remainder of your purchase.
  5. You need to accumulate at least 60 bonus points to receive your first discount.

How To Get a Gift Certificate For Accumulated Bonus Points

1) First, make sure you are logged in!

2) Click "My Account"

bonus points 1


3) Click on the "Bonuses" tab (see below).

4) Take note of how many points you have accumulated. You need at least 60 points to convert to a gift certificate.  The conversion rate depends on your currency. In this case, there are 300 points, and the coversion rate shows €0.03  = 9.00.


5) Click on "Convert to a gift certificate (see above).

6) Fill out who you want the gift certificate to go to. If it's to yourself, enter "myself", etc.  If it's to someone else, fill out from the form accordingly (see below).


7) Although you would normally convert all of your bonus points at once, you don't have to.  By default all of your points should be in the box.

8) Fill out your email address - this is the address where your special gift certificate code will be sent to.  Make sure this account will not filter out our emails, you may wish to white list O-Cha.com if possible. 

9) Click on "Create gift certificate".

10) You will be emailed a gift certificate almost immediated which contains a special gift certificate ID number, you will need this if you wish to use the gift certificate for your next purchase. If you don't receive it, be sure to make sure it's not stuck in a bulk/spam email folder somewhere.


 How To Use Gift Certificate For A Later Purchase

1) When checking out, instead of choosing credit card or Pay Pal, choose "Gift Certifcate" as your payment method (*** Please note that a "Gift Certificate" is not the same thing as a "Discount Coupon!")

2) If you don't have enough points to cover the entire purchase, your purchase will be discounted and you will be returned to the payment screen to pay the remaining amount by another method.

3) Avoid backing up or changing your order at this point.  The system gives you one chance to use your gift certificate and if you backup, the chances of your gift certificate becoming invalid is high.   If this occurs, you will need to contact us to have it re-validated.

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