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Green Tea Brewing Instructions

In case you are new to brewing green tea, know that while it is not exactly rocket science, it is not also as simple as pouring boiilng water into a teacup with a teabag in it. There is a method and you must be aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it. What kind of green tea you are brewing, for how long, the ratio of tea to water, the temperature, the kind of teapot are you using, the kind of water, these are just a few of the things one must keep in mind to make a perfect cup of green tea.  Ten seconds and ten degrees can make quite a difference. Every time you make it, it may turn out slightly different than the way made it before simply because you changed one parameter slightly. It's somewhat of an art form and generally speaking, there is no one exact way to achieve good results. 

For sencha, here is a page which shows you how to make green tea, please read it carefully.

If you wish to brew gyokuro, see our how to make gyokuro page.

Here is a page explaining how to make matcha.

For your convenience, here are a few printable brewing charts with parameters for brewing different types of green tea:

US Letter sized Green Tea Brewing Chart

International A4 sized Green Tea Brewing Chart

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