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Uji Matcha Manten

Uji Matcha Manten
Mr. Terakawa - Award Winning Uji Matcha Grower thick koicha matcha koicha Uji Matcha Manten Uji Green Tea Map
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30.00 grams
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Thick (Koicha)
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Intense Green
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Re-sealable Round Metal Container
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Expensive? Yes, it is. If you are in search of the absolute best matcha available anywhere, however, your search is over!  Until we started carrying it, this matcha had never been sold outside of Japan and is still offered online exclusively by O-Cha.com. A few words about this item...

The first thing you will notice about this matcha is its wonderful aroma. Extremely aromatic!

The grower has an extremely small production, and is currently supplying only the local market with this grade, so the supply is extremely limited. O-Cha.com will have this item in stock as supplies are available, which will can be very hit and miss.

Because of limited space and the age of the tea plants used for this item, the grower will never be able to increase his production. 

The typical customer in Japan who purchases this matcha are the tea ceremony instructors - because they know it to be the best.

In the Uji area where this tea is grown, the grower is well known and has written a book on the art of growing Tencha (the tea leaves from which matcha is derived.) He has won numerous awards for his Tencha from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The taste of Manten is very distinctive and there is no competition for this grade - this is a connoisseur's class matcha. O-Cha.com is the first to carry this matcha outside of Japan. Koi-cha (matcha which is served thick) is sweeter, more milder tasting than regular usucha. Because twice the amount of matcha powder is used to make a thicker consistency, a milder, less bitter product is required, and this usually comes from plants that are at least 30 years old. While you can brew a thick matcha in the normal "thin" manner, the opposite is not true and there are really very few matcha green teas which one can make a true think style matcha. Manten, however, is one of those.

Net weight 30 grams.

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(15 reviews)  

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David Britton
Jun 7, 2015
Verified O-Cha.com Customer Purchase...
I've frequently purchased Uji Matcha Mantan since my first order with Ocha.com back in 2007. It has always been superb but this latest batch is the best I've yet had. Made hot or cold, there are no particles remaining in the tea bowl after drinking the matcha. It completely dissolves with very little effort even when just taken out of the refrigerator. I make it in the thin version and the color is a very deep green. The scent, visuals and taste are all extremely fresh and satisfying.

Advantages: Manten is significantly lower priced than when I first purchased it, making it not only one of the very best matchas but also a very good value
Exceptional when made hot or cold

Disadvantages: None
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Jakub Sadowski
Dec 2, 2014
Matcha Tea-Tasting Results (each cup had 1/4TSP Matcha+2oz Western Family Demineralized Water@68°C for each cup, and 1oz shot of warm honey-lemon-ginger tea from fresh ingredients as palate cleanser):
1) 6th Place, Tea Palace-Generic/Organic, $25/100g=$0.25/g, Flavour=2/5 Grit=5/5 Bitter=5/5
2) 4th Place (1st Place in Bang-for-Buck), O-Cha-Kaoru Supreme/Organic, $31/30g=$1.05/g, Flavour=3/5 Grit=4/5 Bitter=3/5
3) 5th Place, Jagasilk-Matcha Owl, $25/20g=$1.25/g, Flavour=3/5 Grit=3/5 Bitter=4/5
4) 3rd Place, Jagasilk-Matcha Eagle, $45/20g=$2.25/g, Flavour=3/5 Grit=3/5 Bitter=3/5
5) 1st Place, O-Cha-Uji Matcha Manten, $54/20g=$2.70/g, Flavour=5/5 Grit=1/5 Bitter=1/5
6) 2nd Place, O-Cha-Uji Matcha Taiko-San, $59/20g=$2.95/g, Flavour=5/5 Grit=1/5 Bitter=2/5, all judges agreed the bitterness resulted in a more "full bodied" Matcha taste but bitterness isn't something most were willing to reward

Advantages: Strong & evident matcha flavour, not gritty, no unpleasant bitterness
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Kweli Walker
Sep 6, 2014
It has a beautiful vegetal and slightly floral taste. I drink Matcha every morning. I've tried others and enjoyed them deeply. I really enjoy this one and it's subtle difference from the others. It is worth every single penny. What an incredible edition to my Match obsession.

Advantages: It has a gorgeous flavor and a thick froth.

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Thaneadpol Burapaskul
Feb 14, 2014
This is one of the best in the market but a little bit pricey.

It has some bitter balance that make it perfects for mild usucha but I find it is slightly too bitter for my taste as koicha. Umami wise, is good, but I hope for better at this price.

The powder is, nonetheless, so refined and is very rare to see any lump after whisking.

Advantages: Very good matcha. Very fine powder.

Disadvantages: Price is a bit too high.
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Matjaž Muhič
Oct 28, 2013
Verified O-Cha.com Customer Purchase...
Definitely one of the best I ever tried. :)
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