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Orders Status | Shipping & Customs Fees FAQ's


 O-Cha.com began operations on the Internet in 1998.  O-Cha.com has been issued it's own security certificate, and does not use a 3rd party shopping cart system to process your private data. Credit card transactions are automatically processed with card data encrypted over a secure server using the latest technology. Passwords for encrypted data are stored off site, preventing any possibility of unauthorized recovery. We do not reveal, sell, or lend in any way, shape or form, your personal information with any other company or entity. You will not end up on a spam list (we hate it too!) as a result of an order from us.

Additionally, our site meets recent stringent PCI DSS requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures.


Put your pointer over the seal to view our secure certificate.

O-Cha.com's Secure Certificate Ensures That

Your Order Is Private, Safe, and Secure!



If you wish to add additional items to an already placed order:..

For security reasons, we do not have access to, nor do we store your credit card data. We cannot simply add additional items and then charge you for it on our own, we don't have your data. If you paid with a credit card or PayPal, the only way to add additional items is to...

  • Place a second order
  • Contact us immediately and let us know you wish to ship additional items togehter with your original order
  • We will then refund the additional base shipping charge.



Where is my order?

It is the aim of O-Cha.com to ship all orders within 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (every once in awhile we'll take a day or two off however, yikes!)

Express Mail Orders: Typically 3 to 5 days, but this can vary depending on the country. 

First Class Orders: As early as 5 days but typically 7 to 11 days, depending on the country.

If you did not get your order in the above time frame, here are a few of the most likely reasons why...

You were not home when the delivery was attempted and and a notice was left (or sometimes not.) This is probably the most common reason.  If your order was sent by Express Mail and you do not pick it up within 10 days, they typically return it to us.

You live in an apartment or work at an office and the parcel is being held by the front desk.  This happens all the time.

Your neighbor has it.  Yes, this happened in France once, the item was mistakenly delivered to the neighbor and held for a month.

Your order is being held by customs. This happens a lot with European orders and almost never with USA or Canada orders.

You "thought" you placed an order but didn't actually take the order process all the way to completion.  Did you get an invoice from us by email right after you placed the order? You should have. 

You paid by PayPal but didn't have funds in your PayPal account.  When this happens, the order is placed on "hold" until PayPal can pull funds from your bank account. This is about a week delay.

You once used a different shipping address and forgot to change it back when you placed a later order. Happens all the time.

We made a mistake. Yes, we make them once in awhile.


 My order is lost, will you send me a replacement?

If a mistake was made on our part, we of course will replace it. However, what happens with a parcel once it enters the various postal systems around the world is beyond our control once we ship it. This is why we leave the option to choose EMS shipping or first class shipping to the customer. The Japanese postal system is stellar so lost parcels always occur after the item has left Japan. 

If the customer chooses first class shipping and a parcel becomes lost (rare, but does happen from time to time), we will not replace this. We go by the shipping address the customer gives us so if the customer made a mistake on the shipping address and it becomes lost, we will not replace this. Under these circumstances, should the parcel be returned to us we will contact the customer and will re-ship provided that the customer pays the fee to re-ship it.

We will send a replacement if EMS (express mail) shipping was chosen as the delivery method and the shipping address was correct. The exception for this would be EMS parcels which were not picked up from the post office in a timely manner (somewhat common) and which were in turn returned to us. In that case, we can re-ship the parcel but will have to charge shipping fees once again. If your country does not have EMS (there are a few), we may not be able to send it at all. 


 How Do I Track My Order?

If you chose first class shipping, the parcel cannot be tracked (another reason why we highly encourage EMS shipping.) For EMS orders, your parcel can be tracked by logging into your account and looking up the order's tracking number. First, try Japan Post, or  after 3 or 4 days, you can try your local Postal System's express mail tracking service.

Japan Post / USPS / Canada Post


Shipping Charges

Instead of marking up the price of the tea and claiming "free shipping!" or making the price of the "free shipping" at a point where you are forced to buy another item, our policy is to just charge as close to the actual shipping cost as possible. There is no such thing as "free shipping" and we do not make a profit on shipping charges.

  • Shipping charges are based on weight
  • Shipping charges are based on the Japanese yen, which may vary from your currency daily
  • All orders shipped within 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Tea ware: Heavier tea ware items such as ceramic teapots and teacups are sent directly from Japan and may carry additional postage.

Basic Shipping Charges



First Class

Typically 7-11 day Delivery

Loss Insurance/Tracking NOT included!

Express Mail

Typically 3-5 day Delivery

Insurance / Tracking 


North & Central America

190 yen base charge


230 yen per item

1050 yen base charge

150 yen per item

Europe & Middle East

190 yen base charge

230 yen per item

1300 yen base charge

200 yen per item


120 yen base charge

200 yen per item

900 yen base charge

100 yen per item

South America

220 yen base charge

400 yen per item

1500 yen base charge

200 yen per item



220 yen base charge

400 yen per item


1500 yen base charge

200 yen per item


190 yen base charge

230 yen per item

1050 yen base charge

150 yen per item



 Customs Duties

United Kingdom customers, please read this!

While we go out of our way to help you avoid customs duties, we are not responsible for extra fees or taxes. Unfortunately, many EU customers are charged customs duties. This depends on the country, the amount ordered, and a multitude of other reasons.

We *must* include an invoice inside of the parcel.  We have had instances (Germany, France) where customs officials have returned the parcel for lack of an invoice.

We cannot mark down the value of EMS parcels because insurance for loss is based on this figure.

While we always mark items as a "gift", customs does not always see it as a "gift." 

The strictness of the customs officials vary from country to country.  Probably 95% of the parcels we send to the UK are not taxed but when they are, they are heavy handed and use "Parcel Force" to delivery the items, tacking on an extra shipping fee.

We notice EMS parcels seem to be targeted in Canada whereas first class parcels seem to sail on through.

We've never had a USA customer have to pay customs fees.   

Credit Card Orders: Your billing address MUST match with that on record at your bank, otherwise the order will not go through. In any case where the shipment is going to a party other than that of the cardholder, we may need to call the authorized cardholder for verification. For that reason, please include a valid phone number.

 Do You Offer Wholesale?

We no longer offer wholesale.  We now focus strictly on supplying our green teas and matcha directly to the consumer.

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