shizuoka tea field

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green tea in Shizuoka

<<< A view of one of the actual fields, this one at a higher elevation, where many of our green teas are grown. offers a collection of some of the finest Shizuoka green teas available. We personally visit the fields and factories where the teas are produced. Each green tea is chosen by for it's freshness and quality. When you purchase products from us, please know that your tea will have been packaged within a very short time frame from when you ordered it (usually within 1 to 2 weeks) and has not spent time in ocean transit or in a warehouse.

harvesting green tea in shizuoka

Harvesting Shizuoka green tea from the field shown above.


We are pleased with our sencha offerings, and we know you will be too! You now have the opportunity to experience what real Japanese green tea is supposed to taste like!

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