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Unique & Limited Edition Japanese Teas Items

Limited Edition Japanese Teas - Looking for a new, different, or unusual green tea? This is the place to look! Any green tea, matcha or other tea related item you find in this category will be placed here for a limited time only. Some, if proved to be popular, may later become part of our regular inventory. Others are only available to us for a limited time or in small quantities. Regardless, we have many unusual varieties of green tea that we encounter, you may find a gem here!



Asamushi Watsuka Sencha
(2 reviews)  
SKU: 16571
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Uji Shirakawa Gyokuro
(6 reviews)  
SKU: 16570
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Mogake Shiboridash Teapot
(5 reviews)  
SKU: 16569
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Kyoto Matcha Bowl Mishimabori
(6 reviews)  
SKU: 16551
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