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Uji Matcha Chiyo Mukashi

Uji Matcha Chiyo Mukashi
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30.00 grams
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Intense Green
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Re-sealable Round Metal Container
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Matcha "Chiyo Mukashi" - One of our best matcha green teas. Above average in every way, this matcha is borderline between thick and thin matcha (koicha), and can be served either way. Whether you use this for the tea ceremony or as a source for antioxidants, know that this matcha, as with all of our products, is extremely fresh (we only order as we sell them) and is a quality throughout. Grown in Uji, as with all of our matcha green teas we keep this product under refrigeration until shipment.

Net weight 30gm.

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Catherine Moore
Nov 22, 2014
Verified O-Cha.com Customer Purchase...
I have n ow placed three orders with O-Cha, so that alone speaks for itself. I am very pleased with the quality of this matcha and plan to try some of the other grades when they become available, for comparison purposes.

Advantages: Excellent health benefits and the ritual is calming.

Disadvantages: None that I am aware of.
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Michael Freeney
Aug 23, 2014
Got this with my starter kit, very comparable with the one I had previously tried. Smells great and taste is very smooth
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Holly Valero
Jun 8, 2014
Verified O-Cha.com Customer Purchase...
I like Matcha and began incorporating it into my routine to cut back on coffee. This particular matcha has a lovely green color, light grassy aroma, and extremely mild flavor.

I noticed to my surprise experiencing that wonderful calm state of alertness (due to the amino acids theophylline and L-theanine) after a few days of drinking it. As a designer/programmer? It may be my new favorite food... and if your work requires focus? You owe it to yourself to try it.

In comparing this tea to a locally acquired reasonably good green tea, there was no comparison. This tea is brilliant green (the other a more dull olive) and the taste is free of any after taste or bitterness while the other had a flavor I normally associate with green teas served at restaurants.

I like the mid-way between thin and thick and prepare it on the thick side.

It is a little expensive, but the quality of matcha's effects is largely based on the quality of the matcha you drink. I've already used the quick re-order option.

Advantages: Lovely and delicious.
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Mar 25, 2014
Verified O-Cha.com Customer Purchase...
The most expensive matcha I've tried so far.

I prepared this matcha as koicha and the taste is overall nice and comfortable without any bitterness.

I felt better physically at the days I was consuming this matcha.

I guess the health effect does worked as the quality of the tea you consume increase.

Even more because matcha is to be consumed whole so you get all of its benefit as compared to other tea such as gyokuro/sencha because you may not consume the leaves after the infusions.

Advantages: Flavour

Disadvantages: Price
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Robert mckee
Nov 4, 2013
Verified O-Cha.com Customer Purchase...
My experience with fukamushi, and gyokuro teas, but I loved this matcha..

It makes a sharp green cup with a dramatically different taste than what I'm used to.

And because it looks like powdered tea (it's really not) I was expecting to get overloaded with stimulants, but there was no pain from this in the slightest.

First time I used 1/4 teaspn slightly heaping, and it was very nice and unique. So next time I increased the tea and did not like it as much.

I'm not one to try and promote Heath food quack claims, but I feel better, about the time I started drinking this matcha (they assure me the tea is tested because of the nuclear reactor problem, and Japan allows half the cesium America allows. But the teas tested have no trace.. And it can't be a feel good from stimulants, because I already have stimulants.

I don't keep it in the frig (its not going to last very long).

Advantages: Very good, unique, no jittery reaction to stimulants that I was afraid of.

Disadvantages: Price.
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