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        • Kabusecha

          Experience the unique charm of our Kabusecha from Uji, harvested during the first flush and carefully grown under 45% shade for 14 to 20 days prior to harvest. This meticulous shading process imbues Kabusecha with the best qualities of both sencha and gyokuro, offering a sweeter, more vegetal taste with less grassiness and astringency compared to regular sencha.

          Enjoy the subtle vegetative nuances reminiscent of gyokuro in this easy-to-brew, medium-steamed green tea. Kabusecha boasts a beautiful green color and is available at a reasonable price, making it a fantastic choice for everyday enjoyment. Despite its gyokuro-like characteristics, it is best brewed in the manner of sencha to fully capture its delightful essence.

          Available in 100-gram packages, this tea is also offered with the convenience of automatic monthly delivery, ensuring you never run out of this versatile and beloved green tea.

          Score: 5.0 (votes: 14)
          Reviews: 12
          • ¥1,900 JPY
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              Uji Match Kiri no Mori

              Introducing Matcha "Kiri no Mori", a high-quality usucha (normal consistency) matcha that ranks as one of our most popular offerings at Ideal for those new to the world of matcha, "Kiri no Mori" provides an accessible, yet high-quality introduction to this revered Japanese green tea.

              Crafted in the renowned tea-growing region of Uji, this matcha is known for its vibrant flavor and rich antioxidant content. Whether you're looking to explore the traditional tea ceremony or simply aiming to enrich your diet with a potent source of antioxidants, "Kiri no Mori" is an excellent choice. Adhering to our commitment to freshness, we order this matcha only as needed and store it under refrigeration right up until it's shipped, ensuring that it reaches you in peak condition.

              Available in 30-gram packages, Matcha "Kiri no Mori" is perfectly portioned for those seeking to savor the authentic taste and health benefits of freshly prepared Japanese matcha.

              Score: 4.9 (votes: 63)
              Reviews: 61
              • ¥1,400 JPY
              • 14   – Reward points
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                  Daily Sencha Green Tea

                  Discover the delightful balance of our Daily Sencha, a second harvest green tea that appeals to both newcomers and seasoned tea enthusiasts alike. Known for its superior quality and excellent value, this sencha is a standout choice among our selections. It significantly surpasses the standard offerings found in grocery or health food stores, ensuring you enjoy a premium tea experience at an attractive price.

                  Our Daily Sencha is a carefully crafted blend from the lush Southern Kyushu tea-growing region of Japan. It is packaged fresh in Japan shortly after your purchase, maintaining its optimal flavor and freshness. This green tea offers a rich and robust profile when brewed correctly—just remember to avoid using overly hot water or steeping it for too long to prevent an overly bold taste.

                  Packaged in convenient 100gm (3.52 oz) sizes, this Daily Sencha is perfect for everyday enjoyment, bringing a touch of Japan's tea culture right to your cup.

                  Score: 4.8 (votes: 46)
                  Reviews: 43
                  • ¥1,000 JPY
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