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        Karigane Gyokuro Asagiri - From Uji

        Introducing Uji Karigane Gyokuro "Asagiri" from Uji, near Kyoto—a superb blend that combines the first harvest of gyokuro leaves with gyokuro stems. Known for its shade-grown cultivation, gyokuro boasts a greener hue and a naturally sweeter taste compared to more commonly found green teas. This specific blend enriches the classic gyokuro with the addition of stems, introducing a delightful tartness that complements its sweetness.

        Uji Karigane Gyokuro "Asagiri" offers a perfect introduction to brewing gyokuro, especially for those new to this style, at an economical price. The brewing process mirrors that of traditional gyokuro: use more leaf, brew at lower temperatures, and allow a longer steeping time to fully develop its depth and character. We recommend using 10 grams of tea per 300ml or less of water, pre-heating your teapot and teacups, and brewing at 55-60°C (131-140°F) for 1.5 to 2 minutes.

        Available in 100gm packages, Uji Karigane Gyokuro "Asagiri" is an excellent choice for anyone eager to explore the refined taste of a premium Japanese green tea.

        How to Brew Gyokuro - Step-by-Step Instructions!

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            Uji Sencha Otsūsan

   is proud to offer the beloved Tsuen blend "Otsūsan," a karigane sencha from Japan’s oldest tea shop, Tsuen Tea, located in Uji. Esteemed as one of the most popular green teas at the Tsuen tea shop, Otsūsan is a special proprietary blend crafted from Yabukita breed karigane sencha. Enhanced with stems from gyokuro leaves, this tea boasts a unique tartness and sharpness in flavor, distinctively setting it apart.

            Otsūsan is known for being a bit sweeter and greener than its counterpart, the Musashi blend, providing a delightfully vibrant tea experience. Its refined sweetness and pronounced green tea characteristics make it a favorite among both new enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs.

            Invite the taste of Uji, Japan, into your home with a 100-gram package of Otsūsan. Experience the unique tart and sharp flavors of this esteemed green tea. Try it today and discover why it stands as a highlight in the Tsuen tea lineup.

            This product is also available for automatic monthly delivery!

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            • A Tsuen Tea!

                Uji Sencha Musashi

       is delighted to offer the exclusive Tsuen blend "Musashi" from Japan’s oldest teashop, now available in a generous 140-gram package. This unique proprietary blend features karigane sencha made from the Yabukita breed, enhanced with stems from gyokuro leaves, which infuse the tea with a distinctively strong astringency and a sharp, tart flavor profile.

                Musashi is crafted for those who appreciate a robust green tea experience. It shares similarities with Tsuen’s Otsūsan but offers less sweetness and more astringency, catering to connoisseurs who prefer their tea with a bit more bite. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Japanese green teas or looking to expand your palate, Musashi is a remarkable choice that stands out for its intensity and depth.

                Try Musashi today and consider taking advantage of our convenient automatic monthly delivery service, ensuring you never run out of your favorite robust green tea.

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