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  • Cooking Matcha - From Uji

    After much consideration, O-Cha.com now offers a higher quality of cooking grade matcha than what is usually encountered on the market. Because we are based in Japan, we are also able to do so at a very reasonable price.  As will all of our products, it is freshly packaged and does not spend weeks in ocean transit or sit for months on a shelf in a warehouse. Unlike many of the cooking grade matcha you may see offered online which are actually grown in China and not Japan, our matcha originates from Uji Japan near Kyoto. Further, we offer this in a 300 gram package.

    Here’s a sad fact - Just because your matcha was produced by a Japanese company does not automatically mean it was actually grown in Japan. There are some Japanese companies who grow some of their matcha in China, import it into Japan, and then re-export it again.  This is particularly the case when it comes to cooking grades of matcha.

    Matcha comes in many quality levels but is basically separated into ceremonial grade and cooking grade matcha. While it’s true one could use any of our ceremonial grade matcha for cooking and as a food ingredient (and would in turn be especially magical), authentic, Japan-grown, ceremonial grade matcha is expensive and can make the price of a matcha based product prohibitively expensive. There is a reason why truly ceremonial grades of matcha are usually sold in 20 - 30 gram cans and not by the kilo. 

    To see what goes into product a high quality ceremonial grade of matcha, do check out this matcha leaf video

    We realize there is a real need for a matcha that while may not be suitable for the tea ceremony, is still needed to be of a sufficiently high enough quality to be used in lattes, smoothies, ice cream, baked goods, etc. Know that careful consideration went into our choice of cooking grade matcha because until we offered this product, we refused to sell anything less than ceremonial grade. We wanted real, authentic Japanese matcha.  Not powdered sencha, but matcha. Not grown in China, but grown in Japan. We wanted as high of quality as possible while still making the price reasoable. While this cooking grade matcha will not compete with the quality of our ceremonial grades of matcha, it's actually better than what many are offering online as supposed "ceremonial" matcha!

    As with all of our products, this product You cannot get this kind of fresh product from outside of Japan.

    Net weight 300 grams 

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