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        Arita-yaki Teacup "Banshū"

        This small Japanese ceramic teacup is Arita-yaki and is perfect for green tea.

        Measures 7.8 cm wide x 5.3 cm high (3 inches wide x 2 inches tall).

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            • Arita-yaki Teacup "Kohiki Budō"

              Arita-yaki Teacup "Kohiki Budō" hand-made teacup made in Arita Japan (Arita-yaki), this beautiful Japanese ceramic cup is perfect for green tea.

              Holds approx. 150 ml.

              Measures 7.8 cm wide x 5.7 cm high (3.0 inches wide x 2.25 inches tall).

              Score: 4.9 (votes: 8)
              Reviews: 8
              • ¥1,300 JPY
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                  • Arita-Yaki Small Porcelain Teacup

                    A very simple, yet elegante hand-made teacup.  Made in Arita Japan out of white kaolin clay, the pure white color of this Japanese ceramic cup will help you evaluate any green tea's inherent color and to compare it against other green teas. The teacup itself is rather small, but it is exactly this kind of teacup that one often encounters in tea shops throught Japan.

                    Measures 7.4 cm wide x 4.2 cm high (2.9 inches wide x 1.65 inches tall).

                    Holds about close to 70 ml (2.4 oz) when filled to the rim.

                    Score: 5.0 (votes: 2)
                    Reviews: 2
                    • ¥1,000 JPY
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                        • Arita-yaki Ceramic Teacup with Lid

                          A very beautiful porcelain hand-made teacup made in Arita, this Japanese ceramic cup is perfect for green tea. Will keep your green tea warmer longer if you are not quite ready to drink it right away.

                          Measures 8.8 cm wide x 5.8 cm high (3.5 inches wide x 2.3 inches tall), holds about 220 ml to the rim.

                          Score: 5.0 (votes: 2)
                          Reviews: 2
                          • ¥2,000 JPY
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                              • Tea Coaster

                                Although it might not be an absolutely necessary accessory, use of this nice wooden coaster with your favorite teacup could very well enhance the green tea experience!  As with all of our products, made in Japan!

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                                • High Theanine!
                                • Unique!

                                    Karigane Gyokuro Asagiri - From Uji

                                    Introducing Uji Karigane Gyokuro "Asagiri" from Uji, near Kyoto—a superb blend that combines the first harvest of gyokuro leaves with gyokuro stems. Known for its shade-grown cultivation, gyokuro boasts a greener hue and a naturally sweeter taste compared to more commonly found green teas. This specific blend enriches the classic gyokuro with the addition of stems, introducing a delightful tartness that complements its sweetness.

                                    Uji Karigane Gyokuro "Asagiri" offers a perfect introduction to brewing gyokuro, especially for those new to this style, at an economical price. The brewing process mirrors that of traditional gyokuro: use more leaf, brew at lower temperatures, and allow a longer steeping time to fully develop its depth and character. We recommend using 10 grams of tea per 300ml or less of water, pre-heating your teapot and teacups, and brewing at 55-60°C (131-140°F) for 1.5 to 2 minutes.

                                    Available in 100gm packages, Uji Karigane Gyokuro "Asagiri" is an excellent choice for anyone eager to explore the refined taste of a premium Japanese green tea.

                                    How to Brew Gyokuro - Step-by-Step Instructions!

                                    Score: 4.6 (votes: 14)
                                    Reviews: 12
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                                    • A Tsuen Tea!
                                    • Shincha!

                                        Uji Shincha Kirameki

                                        Experience the rare delight of Uji Shincha Kirameki, exclusively offered by the historic Tsuen Tea Shop, Japan's oldest tea merchant residing along the picturesque Uji River for over 860 years. This exceptional tea is a once-a-year phenomenon during the shincha season, and once depleted, it won't be available until the next harvest. While Tsuen Tea does offer the Ujibashi San no Ma blend after shincha season, the Kirameki holds a distinctive charm that makes it uniquely sought-after.

                                        Meticulously crafted from the finest 100% Uji-grown (Wazuka village) Yabukita leaves harvested during the first flush, this asamushi (lightly steamed) sencha enchants with its vibrant, grassy aroma and refined flavor. Kirameki represents the epitome of Japanese green tea, offering a fleeting taste of spring's fresh vitality.

                                        Important Brewing Notes:  For this year's tea, brew similar to gyokuro at 60 C / 140 F for about 90 seconds.  This is lower than most sencha.  Thus, you should pre-warm your brewing vessels (teapot and teacups) prior to brewing, otherwise the result will be tepid.  If you do this correctly, you will be greeting with a wonderful umami green tea experience.

                                        Do not miss the opportunity to indulge in this limited-edition brew. Secure your 100-gram package today and immerse yourself in the exquisite pleasures of shincha season with Uji Shincha Kirameki.

                                        Score: 4.6 (votes: 7)
                                        Reviews: 4
                                        • ¥3,700 JPY
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