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        • Ceramic Tea Whisk Keeper

          This handy device is designed to store and keep your tea whisk in great shape. Made of ceramic, simply place your tea whisk on it to retain it's shape.

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          • Handcrafted!

              Koicha 48 Prong Tea Whisk

              This 48 prong matcha whisk is handmade in Japan especially for thick style koicha matcha. Not to be confused with imports from China, this authentic hand-made tea whisk is made in Nara Prefecture. There are over 120 different types of Nara tea whisks, with the type of material, shape and number of splines varying according to the school of tea, and also on the kind of matcha to be used.

              Note: This while you could use this whisk for other types of matcha, it was designed for use with thick "koicha" matcha. For general matcha brewing, we recommend this tea whisk instead.

              About our bamboo tea whisk suppler (view detailed images) - Our whisks are made by the Kubo family located near Nara Japan. You can see them in action on this well made YouTube video making whisks here:

              Differences between Japanese and Chinese tea whisks... The vast majority of tea whisks encountered on the market are copies made in China, not Japan. There is almost no market for matcha whisks within China itself, nearly all are exported abroad and surprisingly, even to Japan.

              Japanese craftsmen start the whisk making process using a sharp knife to chip the end of the bamboo, giving it a clean sharp break, whereas in China it  tends to be done with a file. Because of this, the tip of the whisk prongs of Japanese whisks are known to last longer.

              The bamboo used in Japanese whisks is superior and is dried for well over a year before use, no fungicides are used when producing Nara tea whisks. A real Japanese whisk will cost 2 or 3 times more than a Chinese whisk, naturally. It certainly is possible to make matcha with a Chinese made whisk but for long term reliability, we recommend that you invest in the real deal.

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              • Handcrafted!

                  Japanese Made Tea Whisk For Matcha

                  Handmade Quality from Nara, Japan

                  Our Japanese made tea whisk for matcha, consisting of 65-72 prongs, is meticulously handcrafted in Nara, Japan. Unlike the common imports from China, our whisks are authentic and made with traditional techniques passed down through generations. There are over 120 different types of Nara tea whisks, each varying in material, shape, and number of splines. These variations depend on the tea school, the type of matcha (thick or thin) being prepared, and other factors. We selected this particular chasen for its versatility and suitability for general-purpose matcha drinking.

                  Meet Our Bamboo Tea Whisk Supplier

                  Our bamboo tea whisks are crafted by the renowned Kubo family near Nara, Japan. You can watch them in action in this detailed YouTube video, showcasing the intricate process of making these exquisite whisks. View detailed images and video here.

                  Japanese vs. Chinese Tea Whisks

                  Most tea whisks available on the market are Chinese-made imitations, not authentic Japanese products. China produces these whisks primarily for export, including to Japan itself. The craftsmanship of Japanese whisks starts with a sharp knife to precisely chip the end of the bamboo, resulting in a clean, sharp break. In contrast, Chinese whisks are often made with a file, leading to shorter-lasting prong tips.

                  The bamboo used in Japanese tea whisks is of superior quality, dried for over a year without fungicides, ensuring durability and safety. While a genuine Japanese made tea whisk for matcha may cost two to three times more than its Chinese counterpart, it offers unmatched long-term reliability and performance. Investing in an authentic Nara tea whisk ensures you get the best experience and longevity from your matcha preparation.

                  Choose a real Japanese made tea whisk for matcha from Nara and elevate your matcha drinking experience with the finest craftsmanship and materials.

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                  Reviews: 21
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                  • Handcrafted!

                      Chinese Made Tea Whisk For Matcha

                      Introducing A Chinese Made Tea Whisk for Matcha

                      Due to the growing popularity of matcha, our current Japanese whisk supplier is having a somewhat difficult time to keep up with the high demand, resulting in a several-month backlog of orders. To ensure you can still enjoy your matcha without interruption, we are now offering a Chinese made tea whisk as a cost-effective alternative.

                      Quality and Craftsmanship

                      Our Chinese made tea whisk closely resembles its Japanese counterpart in appearance and functionality. While it may not match the superior craftsmanship and long-term durability of a Japanese made whisk, it is still more than sufficient for basic matcha preparation. This whisk is designed with the same traditional style and consists of 65-72 prongs, making it an excellent choice for everyday matcha drinking.

                      Affordable and Accessible

                      Understanding the need for an affordable option without compromising too much on quality, we have sourced this Chinese whisk to offer you a practical solution. It is priced lower than the Japanese whisk, making it accessible for those who are new to matcha or on a budget. Despite the differences in quality, this whisk will still help you achieve a smooth and frothy matcha.

                      Why Choose Our Chinese Whisk?

                      • Appearance: Similar look and feel to a Japanese whisk.
                      • Functionality: Effective for basic matcha making.
                      • Affordability: Lower price point compared to Japanese whisks.
                      • Availability: Immediate availability to meet current demand.

                      While our Chinese made tea whisk may not offer the same level of precision and longevity as our Japanese whisks, it remains a practical and sufficient tool for matcha enthusiasts. Choose this whisk for its accessibility and convenience, ensuring you never miss out on your daily matcha ritual.

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                          • Wooden Matcha Bowl Coaster - Whisk Holder Included

                            Elevate your green tea experience with our wooden matcha bowl coaster, an elegant accessory designed to enhance your tea ritual. This coaster is not just a practical tool for protecting surfaces but also serves as a decorative element that complements your chawan (tea bowl). Featuring a small wooden peg, it provides a convenient spot to rest your tea whisk, keeping it clean and ready for use. Crafted with care in Japan, this coaster embodies the essence of traditional Japanese tea culture.

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                            • ¥2,500 JPY
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                            • A Tsuen Tea!
                            • Rare!

                                Uji Matcha Taiko-San

                                We didn't think we would ever be able to offer another matcha comparable to the famous Manten we currently carry; yet it has come to pass! Like Manten, we realize Uji Matcha Taiko-San is an expensive matcha and we make no bones about it - this is about as an exclusive matcha as you will ever find. If you are in search of the absolute best matcha available anywhere, however, then your search is over! Until obtained this gem from Japan's oldest teashop, this matcha had never been sold outside of Japan.

                                A few words about this item...

                                The farm where Taiko-San is grown is known as "Taikou-tsutsumi" and is located not too far from our supplier Tsuen tea's shop in Uji Japan. The area is both a tea farm as well as an archaeological site. The matcha is produced in this small field by the river beside an ancient levee, which is being studied for its construction methods. The grower, Mr. Fukui, farms several strains of tea in this plot and he adjusts the blend every year according to the plants condition to create the specific flavor. As with Manten, the plot is small and the yield is limited.

                                This handpicked tea has an abundance of umami, which has been described by Tsuen as sweet with a hint of bitter and having a fresh green smell. The color is a rich and dark, very intense green froth. Compared with Manten, this matcha has a more masculine taste. Again, the grower has an extremely small production, and is currently supplying only the local market with this grade so the supply is extremely limited. will have this item in stock as supplies are available, which may be very hit and miss. Because of limited space and the age of the tea plants used for this item the grower will never be able to increase his production. There is no competition for this grade - this is a connoisseur's class matcha. As with matcha Manten, is the first to carry this matcha outside of Japan. Koicha (matcha which can be made thick) is sweeter, milder tasting than usucha (the normal matcha which is made in a thinner consistency). Because twice the amount of tea powder is used to make a thicker tea, a milder, less bitter product is required. While you can brew a thick matcha in the normal "thin" manner, the opposite is not true and there are really very few matcha green teas which one can make a true thick style matcha. Taiko-san, along with Manten, however, is one of those.

                                If you wish to brew this in a thick manner, you may want to consider obtaining a tea whisk made especially for koicha

                                Net Weight 30gm

                                Score: 5.0 (votes: 26)
                                Reviews: 22
                                • ¥6,200 JPY
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                                • A Tsuen Tea!
                                • Rare!

                                    Uji Matcha Manten

                                    Introducing Uji Matcha Manten, an unparalleled matcha offering that stands as the epitome of excellence in the world of matcha. Since its debut on in the mid-2000s, Uji Matcha Manten has been a coveted treasure previously unavailable outside of Japan and remains an exclusive online offering through our site.

                                    Upon experiencing this matcha, you'll be captivated by its intensely aromatic nature—the first hint of its superior quality. Sourced from a grower in Uji with a very limited production, this matcha is a rarity, supplied mainly to the local market. The availability of Manten is sporadic, making each batch a precious find.

                                    The grower, a renowned figure in the Uji tea community and an accomplished author on the cultivation of Tencha (the precursor to matcha), has won numerous awards from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries. His meticulous care and traditional methods ensure that Manten offers a unique taste profile that is unmatched, often chosen by tea ceremony instructors who demand only the best.

                                    Manten is ideally suited for koicha (thick matcha), which is sweeter and milder than the more common usucha (thin matcha). This exquisite quality is derived from tea plants that are at least 30 years old, necessary for achieving the less bitter, profoundly rich flavor required for koicha. While Manten can be prepared as usucha, its exceptional properties are best expressed when served thick.

                                    Each 30-gram package of Uji Matcha Manten offers a chance to indulge in a matcha experience that transcends ordinary. 

                                    For those preparing it as koicha, consider pairing it with a specialized 48 prong tea whisk designed for this luxurious thick style matcha.

                                    Score: 4.9 (votes: 30)
                                    Reviews: 27
                                    • ¥5,800 JPY
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                                    • Popular!

                                        Uji Matcha Kiku Mukashi

                                        Introducing Uji Matcha "Kiku Mukashi" - a high-quality usucha (regular consistency) matcha hailing from Uji City, near Kyoto, known for its rich tea heritage. This ceremonial grade matcha is sourced from a renowned maker, celebrated for producing some of the finest matcha in Japan. The glowing customer reviews underscore its exceptional quality and delightful taste.

                                        "Kiku Mukashi" is perfect whether you are engaging in a traditional tea ceremony, seeking a natural source of antioxidants, or simply looking to enjoy the calming effects of theanine. We ensure the freshness of this matcha by ordering in small quantities and maintaining it under refrigeration until the moment it ships.

                                        Available in 30-gram packages, Uji Matcha "Kiku Mukashi" offers a pristine matcha experience with each preparation. Its quality and freshness are unparalleled, making it a distinguished choice for both novices and connoisseurs of Japanese green tea.

                                        Score: 4.8 (votes: 32)
                                        Reviews: 28
                                        • ¥2,200 JPY
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                                        Sorry, we only have 8 of that item available
                                        • Popular!

                                            Uji Matcha Kyō Mukashi

                                            Matcha "Kyou Mukashi" stands out as one of our most sought-after matcha green teas, celebrated for its exceptional quality at an excellent price point. This above-average usucha (regular consistency) matcha hails from Uji City, near the historic city of Kyoto, Japan—a region famed for its superior tea production.

                                            Ideal for those engaged in the traditional tea ceremony or anyone seeking a potent source of antioxidants, "Kyou Mukashi" offers a vibrant, enriching tea experience. Like all products at, this matcha is ordered in small batches to ensure that we provide only the freshest tea to our customers. It is meticulously stored under refrigeration right up to the moment it is shipped.

                                            Available in 30-gram packages, Matcha "Kyou Mukashi" is a perfect choice for both matcha novices and enthusiasts alike, providing a premium matcha experience without the premium price.

                                            Score: 4.9 (votes: 28)
                                            Reviews: 27
                                            • ¥1,700 JPY
                                            • 17   – Reward points
                                            Sorry, we only have 26 of that item available
                                            • Popular!

                                                Uji Match Kiri no Mori

                                                Introducing Matcha "Kiri no Mori", a high-quality usucha (normal consistency) matcha that ranks as one of our most popular offerings at Ideal for those new to the world of matcha, "Kiri no Mori" provides an accessible, yet high-quality introduction to this revered Japanese green tea.

                                                Crafted in the renowned tea-growing region of Uji, this matcha is known for its vibrant flavor and rich antioxidant content. Whether you're looking to explore the traditional tea ceremony or simply aiming to enrich your diet with a potent source of antioxidants, "Kiri no Mori" is an excellent choice. Adhering to our commitment to freshness, we order this matcha only as needed and store it under refrigeration right up until it's shipped, ensuring that it reaches you in peak condition.

                                                Available in 30-gram packages, Matcha "Kiri no Mori" is perfectly portioned for those seeking to savor the authentic taste and health benefits of freshly prepared Japanese matcha.

                                                Score: 4.9 (votes: 63)
                                                Reviews: 61
                                                • ¥1,500 JPY
                                                • 15   – Reward points
                                                Sorry, we only have 32 of that item available
                                                • High Theanine!
                                                • Popular!

                                                    Uji Matcha Toyo Mukashi

                                                    Discover Matcha "Toyo Mukashi" - a superior usucha (normal consistency) matcha sourced from the esteemed Uji City, near Kyoto, Japan. This matcha is ideal for those looking to engage in the traditional tea ceremony or simply seeking a rich source of antioxidants in their daily diet. "Toyo Mukashi" exemplifies the dedication to quality that Uji is renowned for, offering a vibrant taste and profound freshness.

                                                    At, we prioritize freshness and quality above all. "Toyo Mukashi" is ordered in small batches to ensure that each package is as fresh as possible when it reaches you. This meticulous approach extends to how we store our matcha; it is kept under refrigeration right up until it is shipped, preserving its delicate flavors and nutrients.

                                                    Available in 30-gram packages, Matcha "Toyo Mukashi" provides a perfect introduction to the rich, nuanced world of high-quality Japanese matcha. Whether for ceremonial use or health benefits, this matcha delivers a premium experience.

                                                    Score: 4.8 (votes: 43)
                                                    Reviews: 32
                                                    • ¥1,900 JPY
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                                                    • Organic
                                                    • High Theanine!
                                                    • Popular!

                                                        Organic Matcha Kaoru Supreme

                                                        Explore the pinnacle of quality with's private label Organic Matcha "Kaoru Supreme"—our premier offering of organic matcha. Sourced from the pristine Kirishima district in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, this top-grade matcha is cultivated using only natural organic fertilizers and without any agricultural chemicals, ensuring a product of unmatched purity and environmental respect.

                                                        "Kaoru Supreme" holds esteemed certifications from JONA (Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association), complies with JAS certification requirements, and proudly bears the USDA & European IMO seals, affirming its high standards of organic quality. To maintain its exceptional freshness, our matcha is ordered just before it's shipped to our customers and is always kept under strict refrigeration until dispatched.

                                                        This matcha is presented in a 30-gram can, providing approximately 20 exquisite servings. Each cup of "Kaoru Supreme" offers a rich and vibrant experience that showcases the craftsmanship and tradition of Japanese tea. Indulge in this luxurious organic matcha to truly understand the art of fine tea.

                                                        Score: 4.7 (votes: 39)
                                                        Reviews: 32
                                                        • ¥3,100 JPY
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                                                        • High Theanine!
                                                        • Popular!

                                                            Uji Matcha Chiyo Mukashi

                                                            Discover Matcha "Chiyo Mukashi" - one of our finest offerings at, renowned for its exceptional quality and versatility. This matcha strikes a perfect balance between thick (koicha) and thin (usucha) consistencies, allowing it to be prepared in either style to suit your preference. Whether you're engaging in a traditional tea ceremony or seeking a potent source of antioxidants, "Chiyo Mukashi" is an excellent choice.

                                                            As with all our products, this matcha is guaranteed fresh. We order it as needed to ensure that what you receive has not lingered on shelves but is vibrant and full of flavor. Cultivated in the prestigious tea fields of Uji, known for producing some of the best matchas in the world, "Chiyo Mukashi" is kept under refrigeration right up to shipment, maintaining its quality and freshness.

                                                            Available in 30-gram packages, Matcha "Chiyo Mukashi" is ideally portioned for both daily enjoyment and special occasions. Experience the smooth, rich flavors of a truly superior matcha, crafted with care and expertise.

                                                            Score: 4.9 (votes: 18)
                                                            Reviews: 15
                                                            • ¥3,800 JPY
                                                            • 38   – Reward points
                                                            Sorry, we only have 4 of that item available
                                                            • Organic
                                                            • High Theanine!
                                                            • Popular!

                                                                Organic Matcha Kaoru

                                                                Introducing's private label Organic Matcha "Kaoru", our esteemed middle grade of organic matcha sourced from the Kirishima district in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. Cultivated with only natural organic fertilizers and devoid of any agricultural chemicals, Organic Matcha Kaoru is a testament to purity and quality. It proudly holds certifications from JONA (Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association) and meets JAS standards, also featuring USDA and European IMO seals to guarantee its organic integrity.

                                                                Our Organic Matcha Kaoru is handled with the utmost care; it is ordered shortly before being shipped to ensure maximum freshness and is stored under refrigeration until dispatched. This meticulous attention to detail in its sourcing and storage ensures that each serving brings you the vibrant essence and profound health benefits of authentic Japanese matcha.

                                                                This product is available in a 30-gram can, yielding approximately 20 servings of 1.5 grams each. Experience the exquisite quality and fresh, rich flavor of our Organic Matcha Kaoru. Order today and savor the genuine taste of organic Japanese matcha in your own home.


                                                                Score: 4.6 (votes: 23)
                                                                Reviews: 17
                                                                • ¥2,000 JPY
                                                                • 20   – Reward points
                                                                Sorry, we only have 14 of that item available
                                                                • Organic
                                                                • High Theanine!

                                                                    Uji Organic Matcha

                                                                    Introducing our Uji Organic Matcha, the most affordable option in our lineup, yet still offering impressive quality for its price. Sourced from Uji, a region near Kyoto famed for its tea cultivation, this matcha provides an accessible way to enjoy the benefits and flavors of organic green tea without a hefty price tag.

                                                                    Cultivated using only natural organic fertilizers and free from agricultural chemicals, our Uji Organic Matcha is not only good for you but also kind to the environment. It proudly boasts certification from JONA (Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association) and carries the JAS mark, affirming its adherence to stringent organic standards.

                                                                    This product is available in a 30-gram can, providing around 20 servings of 1.5 grams each, making it perfect for daily enjoyment. Whether you're new to matcha or looking for a cost-effective way to maintain your matcha routine, our Uji Organic Matcha is an excellent choice. Try some today and discover why even our most affordable matcha is a true bargain in terms of quality and taste.

                                                                    Score: 4.8 (votes: 36)
                                                                    Reviews: 28
                                                                    • ¥1,400 JPY
                                                                    • 14   – Reward points
                                                                    Sorry, we only have 23 of that item available
                                                                    • Organic
                                                                    • High Catechins!

                                                                        Organic Powdered Sencha

                                                                        Discover the unique and vibrant Uji Organic Powdered Sencha, a distinct departure from matcha but equally esteemed for its health benefits. Grown under the full sun in Uji, this powdered sencha captures the essence of the first harvest, resulting in a green tea with a slightly more astringent flavor and maximum antioxidant properties.

                                                                        Unlike traditional sencha, this tea is finely ground into a talcum-like powder, making it incredibly convenient to use—no teapot necessary! Simply mix 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of the powder (included with the package depending on your cup size) in hot water for an instant, healthful green tea drink. This versatility makes it a popular addition to shake mixes, offering a quick and easy way to incorporate the benefits of green tea into your daily routine.

                                                                        Certified 100% organic by JAS/JONA, our Uji Organic Powdered Sencha ensures purity and sustainability. Try it today and experience the potent health benefits and distinct taste of this exceptional powdered green tea.

                                                                        Net weight 60gm.

                                                                        Score: 4.9 (votes: 11)
                                                                        Reviews: 10
                                                                        • ¥1,200 JPY
                                                                        • 12   – Reward points
                                                                        Sorry, we only have 33 of that item available

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