British Columbia Delays Part II

Jan 22, 2017

We're not quite sure what's going on in British Columbia, but I can say that something rather goofy is going on with either customs, or Canada Post in BC. We have quite a few yet to be delivered orders that were made 1 to 2 months ago and they are ALL from BC, and only BC. Since all of the missing orders are from BC Canada, it's unlikely that is just a coincidence. After doing the Google on the subject, while we have not seen anything official we did find many recent forum postings from vendors and customers complaining about delivery delays to this region.

This is causing quite the headache for our BC customers and for us as well as naturally they are quite unhappy at not having received their parcels from us yet.

If you are from BC, for the time being we would recommend that you use Express Mail so that your parcel can be tracked. If you are waiting on a parcel from us and you are from BC, know that the delay was not caused by us and we ask for your continued patience.

Frankly, this is the most ridiculous and embarrassing postal delay I have ever seen from a civilized country in 17 years of doing this business.