British Columbia Canada - EMS Only

Apr 29, 2017

Unfortunately, due to continued delays in delivery to British Columbia Canada, orders from there will be restricted to EMS (Express Mail) starting today and must be signed for.  The price of shipping, unfortunately, will go up.

Know that we take this step very reluctantly but it has been a continuing problem. This does not seem to happen with other areas of Canada, only BC.  Orders we took from there in November and December took a whopping 3 months to delivery with no explanation whatsoever.  It's still happening with recent orders.  We've heard rumors they are searching every package for illegal drugs from China (even though we are in Japan) but frankly, we don't really know the exact reason.  All we know is that for whatever reason, customers in British Columbia's parcels are taking much longer to deliver than it does to 3rd world countries, customers get upset at us for the delay even though we have nothing whatsoever to do with it, it causes chargebacks, ill will, and generally speaking, headaches.  So for the time being, we have no other option than to force all customers from British Columbia to use EMS only.  We realize we will probably lose some of those customers, it is unfortunate, but we are left with few options.