Arita-yaki Teacup Shirogeshō Fukusencha

        Arita-yaki Teacup "Shirogeshō Fukusencha"

        Arita-yaki Teacup "Shirogeshō Fukusencha" -  Though not a huge teacup by any means, it is rather larger than your average Japanese teacup and copliments the green color of your green tea nicely. Hand-made in Arita Japan (known as "Arita-yaki"). Perfect for a large cup of Japanese green tea.

        Holds approx. 300 ml

        Measures 10.5 cm wide x 6.5 cm high (4 inches wide x 2.6 inches tall).

        Score: 4.91 (votes: 11)
        Reviews: 11
        • ¥1,400 JPY
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        Product questions

        • Sharon Boyd
          Dec 22, 2018, 15:19

          Hi, I am wondering why this cup would not be used for gyokuro, as one reviewer stated. Thank you.

          Kevin Moore
          Dec 22, 2018, 15:22

          Because gyokuro is expensive and usually made in tiny cups. This teacup is rather large, it's almost bowl sized. You should make gyokuro in small cups.

        Customer reviews
        Average rating:
        4.91(Votes: 11)
        Rating of votes (11)
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        • S.
          May 7, 2018, 04:11
          My new all time favourite tea cup!
          Perfect for a big cup of sencha, and I'm also able to whisk matcha in this without any problem. It's very comfortable to hold and has a small indentation in the cup that my thumb fits perfectly in!
        • Dylan Stevenson
          Jun 4, 2017, 16:45
          This tea cup is amazing. Holds a good amount of water and shows the color of any tea you put in from green tea to hojicha to even chamomiles and peppermint. The unique craftsmanship is great to look at and feel, as each cup will be different. Can't get over the price!
        • Antti
          Apr 13, 2016, 06:55
          This is the latest teacup that I've ordered from O-Cha, and — although I know I say it every time — this is my new favourite. It holds about 300 ml which is exactly how much I'm able to brew with my kyusu, so this is perfect for me, as I'm the only one in the family drinking either asamushi or fukamushi.

          It feels great in my hand, and there's even a small dent, accidental or not, at the side where I usually place my middle or index finger when drinking, and it helps me to get a firmer grip. One of the small things that makes it feel complete mine alone.
        • Andrew Carrier
          Mar 6, 2016, 09:11
          A very nice larger cup. Perfect for solo drinkers as it holds my entire pot. I like that you can tell that it is handcrafted and it has a very cool glaze that looks like wet swirled paint, almost like a spiral galaxy on the bottom of the teacup. Another thing of note is that the more you drink from the cup, the iron spots start to oxidize slightly. This makes for an interesting pattern with some of the spots staying black and with others varying shades of red. Recommended for those that like to drink a nice bowl of sencha, but obviously not suitable for more expensive teas.
        • Alexander Oglaend
          Jan 13, 2015, 06:36
          Got 3 of them. They are all the same size, but each one is very distinct from the other when it comes to paint, form and even a "thumb mark". By "thumb mark" I mean the ceramic has been pushed inn on the lower side on each one. One has a deep mark, one has a very shallow one, and one has something in between. (You can barely see the shape of this on the product picture). 
          It's a fairly large tea cup, perfect to hold a full teapot. Like a mini-Chawan. 

          Advantages: Large, smooth surface all over, each cup is very unique. 

          Disadvantages: Nothing which shouldn't be expected from such handcraft, such as some minor paint faults here and there.
        • Ellen Ewell
          Nov 25, 2014, 12:00
          I love the look of this teacup. The white glaze is thick and shiny, resembling wet paint. 

          Advantages: The large size allows for an entire shiboridashi or kyusu to be poured into the cup, which is perfect for when one is drinking alone. 

          The natural variation in the sides of the cup feels great in the hand, and the thickness of the unglazed bottom of the teacup helps with holding the cup when it is hot. 

          Disadvantages: There were some cracks in the glaze, which means it almost looks like it is crumbling off the edges of the lip of the cup. I worry some of the paint could eventually start to peel, but as of yet this has not been a problem. I am careful to not use abrasive cleaning!
        • Jason Mackisoc
          Jan 24, 2014, 12:00
          This cup is unique, with a swirling pattern of what looks like wet paint.  A nice hand-made design.  It holds a full kyusu of tea (using the dragonfly kyusu) which is why I went for a larger size...great for the mornings.  It's very comfortable in your hand.

          Advantages: Larger size. comfortable in your hand 
        • Michael O'Malley
          Apr 18, 2013, 03:58
          I'd never thought that I would write a review on a teacup, so here it is... 

          Beautiful addition to my new hobby. It really does make drinking sencha a great experience. 
          • Art.-Nr.
          • Gewicht
            225 g
        • Material
        • Clay Color
        • Locality/Style
        • Glazed

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