genmaicha with matcha organic green tea
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      Organic Genmaicha with Matcha

      Explore the delightful fusion of flavors with our Organic Matcha Iri Genmaicha, crafted in the serene region of Miyazaki in Southern Japan. This special blend harmoniously combines the gentle notes of loose-leaf green tea, the warm nuttiness of puffed rice, and the rich, velvety smoothness of matcha. Enjoyed either hot or iced, this tea offers a truly versatile and enriching sensory experience.

      Proudly certified organic, our Matcha Iri Genmaicha is meticulously created to deliver both outstanding quality and unforgettable taste. It's an excellent choice for those seeking an innovative twist on traditional Japanese green tea.

      To ensure you receive the freshest tea possible, we package our Matcha Iri Genmaicha in nitrogen-filled bags that lock in the vibrant flavors and aromatic nuances. This careful packaging ensures each brew is consistently flavorful and aromatic.

      Each 100-gram package of our unique blend is poised to offer you moments of deep relaxation and enjoyment. Experience the nuanced, multi-layered flavors of our Organic Matcha Iri Genmaicha, and let it become a cherished part of your tea collection.

      Score: 4.71 (votes: 24)
      Reviews: 23
      • ¥1,000 JPY
      • 10   – Reward points

      Product questions

      • Matt McAlister
        Jan 6, 2020, 09:53

        Do you know the approximate caffeine content of this green tea?

        Kevin Moore
        Jan 6, 2020, 12:19

        Normally genmaicha has little caffeine in it but the addition of matcha will give this some caffeine. We don't really know the exact or even the approximate amount of caffeine in this item. I'm sure it's less than a cup of coffee but I'm also sure it must have some. I wish I could give you a better answer but we do not actually have the caffeine content of this particular green tea available at the moment.

      • Betty Levitin
        Feb 9, 2017, 12:58

        Hello, What is the preferred vessel for brewing Matcha Iri Genmaicha? Thank you!


        Kevin Moore
        Feb 9, 2017, 13:05

        There is not really a preferred teapot, you can brew it in just about any teapot made for Japanese green tea.

      Customer reviews
      Average rating:
      4.71(Votes: 24)
      Rating of votes (24)
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      • Kris Spindler
        Oct 21, 2022, 09:05
        My daily drinker, so to speak. I usually make about 1.5L of this delicious, aromatic genmaicha and put it in a jug to cool down in the fridge. I usually drink it cold over the course of an afternoon.
      • Jared Ellerbrock
        May 17, 2019, 07:25
        I thought the flavor was a bit flat and lacking. I remembered liking it better a few years ago. Maybe the source is different? Japanese Green Tea & Matcha
        May 17, 2019, 13:38
        Hello, it's the same source as always.
      • Randy
        Apr 1, 2019, 20:47
        We had tried a similar toasted rice infused tea in Singapore, but could not find it anywhere locally. International delivery from only took about 11 days door to door, with a very reasonable shipping fee. The tea was exactly what we had hoped for, and was as fresh and tasty as can be. Looking forward to trying some of the other teas now.
      • EG
        Oct 10, 2017, 02:57
        Despite being so inexpensive, it is a delicious genmai cha far better than others I have bought from supermarkets.
      • Joel S
        Aug 28, 2017, 01:36
        Amazingly high quality organic tea! The best I have found!!! Highly recommended!!!!
      • Dylan Stevenson
        Jun 4, 2017, 16:43
        This genmaicha is very flavorsome. Its nice to find an organic genmaicha and the matcha powder gives it more umami flavor. Great tea for its price.
      • Matt Sinforosa
        Mar 29, 2017, 01:06
        This is not my favorite style of tea (I'm a Sencha guy) but for the price it's a great alternative. Plenty of grassy green tea flavor plus a fairly strong toasty rice taste. Nice to make a large pot and share. Goes well with food also.
      • Ricardo
        Mar 25, 2017, 05:26
        This is the best looking Genmaicha I've seen but I did not enjoy the taste as much. Many people view this Genmaicha as one of the best if not the best Genmaicha.
        For me the flavor was just way too weak. It tasted more like an average Genmaicha. Even after some experimenting with brewing parameters it did not match my taste.
        • Art.-Nr.
        • Gewicht
          110 g
      • Loose Leaf
        • Ease of Brewing
          Easy Brewer!
        • Net Weight
          100 g / 3.52 oz
        • Growing Region
          Miyazaki Prefecture
        • Year
        • Harvest
        • Breed
        • Shading
          Full Sun
        • Steaming
        • Color
          Deep Green
        • Aroma
        • Taste
        • Astringency
        • Clarity
        • First infusions per Pkg
        • Organic
        • Leaf (dry weight grams) to Water (1 fl oz / 30 ml) Ratio (recommended)
          .6 g to 1 oz/30 ml
        • Brew Temp (℃/℉ - recommended )
          79℃ (175℉)
        • Brew Time (Seconds)

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