Deep Steamed Green Tea

fukamushi deep steamed green teaFukamushi Sencha -The green teas in this category, known in Japanese as "fukamushi-cha", or deep steamed green tea, are steamed for a longer period of time than your typical sencha. The period in which any green tea is steamed depends on various characteristics, where it was grown, elevation, etc., and like light steamed green tea, not all green teas are suitable for deep steaming.

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Deep steamed green tea like fukamushi sencha will usually have a very fine, almost dust-like look to it - beginners often misinterpret this to mean an inferior tea which it is not. When brewed fukamushi sencha has a somewhat cloudy appearance, a rich and bold taste, and an usually a darker, greener color. As the leaf particles of fukamushi-cha are very fine, it can clog small filters. We recommend your fukamushi teapot have a fine stainless mesh infuser screen which covers the inner spout, and that your teapot be tall, rather than wide (although you can still use most wide teapots with a stainless steel infuser screen.)  If you have never tried a deep steamed green tea, you will most likely be impressed with the vivid color and often bold taste, be sure to try one soon!