Sae Midori Sencha
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      Sae Midori Sencha

      From the first harvest, this is a very special sencha from Kagoshima prefecture located at the southern tip of Japan. was the first internet tea shop to offer Sae Midori to the general public outside of Japan and it indeed has proven itself to be a popular choice since introduction.

      A very easy to brew green tea! The "Sae Midori" clone of green tea plant is a cross between Yabukita and Asatsuyu varieties and was only just registered in 1990. Since it does not tolerate frost, it is mostly grown in Southern Kagoshima. Strong in color and aroma, but a bit on the sweet side, you will be greeted with a very wonderful, grassy aroma upon opening of the package. Without a doubt, this item offers one of the most intense, emerald green color you will likely ever come across in any green tea. We are sure you will be pleased!

      Note that this is a deep steamed green tea with very fine, almost dust-like leaf particles. While you can brew it in a variety of teapots, it is best prepared in a teapot designed for fukamushi-cha (deep steamed green tea)

      Available in 100 gram packages.

      Score: 4.82 (votes: 28)
      Reviews: 25
      • $17.42 USD
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        • Art.-Nr.
        • Gewicht
          110 g
        • Dimensions (L x W x H)
          23 x 11 x 2 cm
      • Loose Leaf
        • Ease of Brewing
          Easy Brewer!
        • Net Weight
          100 g / 3.52 oz
        • Growing Region
          Kagoshima Prefecture
        • Year
        • Harvest
          First and/or Shincha
        • Breed
          Sae Midori
        • Shading
          Full Sun
        • Steaming
        • Color
          Deep Green
        • Aroma
        • Taste
        • Astringency
        • Clarity
        • First infusions per Pkg
        • Organic
        • Leaf (dry weight grams) to Water (1 fl oz / 30 ml) Ratio (recommended)
          .6 g to 1 oz/30 ml
        • Brew Temp (℃/℉ - recommended )
          79℃ (175℉)
        • Brew Time (Seconds)
      Customer reviews
      Average rating:
      4.82(Votes: 28)
      Rating of votes (28)
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      • Donny Payne
        Jun 18, 2020, 13:46
        Amazing color and taste on this tea. Naturally sweet.
      • Matthew Amster-Burton
        Sep 4, 2017, 02:25
        It's hard not to focus on the color of this most brilliantly green of teas. But you'd recognize the grassy flavor even in the dark. Not as funky as the Yutaka Midori, this is my all-around favorite tea.
      • Reiner
        Aug 9, 2017, 19:22
        Delicious tea! Very Refreshing and easy to boil
      • Risto Ojala
        Jun 2, 2017, 22:30
        Delicious when brewed at right temperature. Remember to warm up the tea pot, too.
      • Matt Sinforosa
        Mai 25, 2017, 00:32
        This is a beautiful deep steamed green tea. Lots of tiny particles which I love. I am reviewing the 2016 harvest in April/May 2017 so it's a full year old and still amazing. Rich grassy flavor, lots of umami, really good.
      • Patrick de Kok
        Mai 13, 2017, 06:47
        This is the first fukamushi tea I have tried. I love the deep green color, especially of the second brew!

        However, going by flavor, I don't think I am much of a fukamushi-person. The flavor is mildly green (as you may expect from a fukamushi, from what I understand). I like a tea with some more body, like kariganes.

        However, I do think it has a nice typical flavor profile that will find appreciation from deep steamed tea aficionados.
      • Ervin Lorincz
        Jan 3, 2017, 03:34
        Probably one of the best teas available, especially if you, like me, are an absolute fanatic of deep steamed green tea (fukamushi). I have been buying this tea for many years and the quality and freshness has always been impeccable.
      • AH NYC
        Okt 21, 2016, 12:59
        This is my favorite green tea from any country, strain, or preparation. I drink this everyday. Here is how I prepare the tea: one heaping teaspoon (basically two leveled teaspoons if you crushed the leaves). At 170F, with about 8oz of water--about a cup--first brew: 1:20sec; second brew: 40 sec; third brew: 1:30. I can always get the first and second brews with the green, floral, grassy taste with lots of umami flavor. The third draw is just so so unless you brew all three draws in a short time span, such as 30 minutes. Sometimes I have even brewed the first draw at 40sec and gotten excellent results but I had to increase the amount of leaves. Then draw 2 is 20 secs and I can't get a third.

      Product questions

      • Devin Douglas
        Mär 26, 2022, 13:09

        How much will the flavor of the tea will be missing if I just infuse it through a mesh sieve in a mug?

        Kevin Moore
        Mär 26, 2022, 13:43

        If you pre-heat your mug, pay attention to your brew times and temperature, you shouldn't lose any flavor. Those factors are more important than what you use to brew it in.

      • Thomas Dooner
        Mai 31, 2017, 22:23

        Where/how can I leave a review of the Sae Midori Sencha that I pre-ordered? Thank you.

        Kevin Moore
        Mai 31, 2017, 22:25

        You have to be logged into your account ( if you made one ), then simply go to the reviews section, there is a link i there that will let you leave a review.

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