Kaoru Supreme Organic Matcha
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Ratings and Reviews of Kaoru Supreme Organic Matcha

Score: 4.67 (votes: 39)
Reviews: 32
Score: 4.67 (votes: 39)
Reviews: 32
Rating of votes (39)
Customer reviews
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  • june wang
    Apr 6, 2015, 05:24
    I bought this for health benefits and also ordered the started kit. The first time, too much water and the second time too much matcha which tasted bit bitter. and the third time i got the ratio right and tasted so good. i could taste the natural sweetness in the tea.

    Advantages: smooth, bright green color, natural sweetness 

    Disadvantages: very expensive for the quantity
  • Darius Ciornei
    Mär 10, 2015, 04:12
    This is my first matcha that i have tasted, because of that i can't really compare this product with others sortiments, but what i can surrely tell is that this tea is really good, after 1 minute after i tried it i felt a calm and relaxing sensation in my whole body (no wonder that monks drink matcha right before meditation) and besides that my concentration ability was really good, i recommend to drink a cup before studying or working on projects (it helped me alot on my finals).

    Advantages: -good taste+really nice silky sensation in mouth
    -it makes you really calm (mentaly and physically)
    -the container is really awesome
    -Bio product

    Disadvantages: the quantity could have been more bigger for such a price
  • Jakub Sadowski
    Dez 2, 2014, 12:00
    Matcha Tea-Tasting Results (each cup had 1/4TSP Matcha+2oz Western Family Demineralized Water@68°C for each cup, and 1oz shot of warm honey-lemon-ginger tea from fresh ingredients as palate cleanser):
    1) 6th Place, Tea Palace-Generic/Organic, $25/100g=$0.25/g, Flavour=2/5 Grit=5/5 Bitter=5/5
    2) 4th Place (1st Place in Bang-for-Buck), O-Cha-Kaoru Supreme/Organic, $31/30g=$1.05/g, Flavour=3/5 Grit=4/5 Bitter=3/5
    3) 5th Place, Jagasilk-Matcha Owl, $25/20g=$1.25/g, Flavour=3/5 Grit=3/5 Bitter=4/5
    4) 3rd Place, Jagasilk-Matcha Eagle, $45/20g=$2.25/g, Flavour=3/5 Grit=3/5 Bitter=3/5
    5) 1st Place, O-Cha-Uji Matcha Manten, $54/20g=$2.70/g, Flavour=5/5 Grit=1/5 Bitter=1/5
    6) 2nd Place, O-Cha-Uji Matcha Taiko-San, $59/20g=$2.95/g, Flavour=5/5 Grit=1/5 Bitter=2/5, all judges agreed the bitterness resulted in a more "full bodied" Matcha taste but bitterness isn't something most were willing to reward.

    Advantages: Decent flavor and low-bitterness for a very competitively-priced matcha .

    Disadvantages: Quite gritty

    (Note: The staff at O-Cha.com completely disagree with the statement that this tea is in any way 'gritty', however we respect the customer's opinion and will let the review stand)
  • Valentina Ivanov
    Dez 1, 2014, 21:30
    The  Organic Matcha Kaoru Supreme truly is supreme!  The flavor is amazing.  Delivery was also very prompt, and it was packaged exceptionally well.  I am delighted with the product.
  • Joshua Harding
    Aug 30, 2014, 12:00
    I've been a fan of Kaoru matcha for a while now, but mostly the less pricey stuff. Either their cheapest one or their second cheapest one, which is the regular organic stuff. But this premium matcha is in another league entirely. The cheaper stuff takes longer to froth up and usually has quite a few larger air bubbles when I'm done. I usually have to spend more time whisking to pop the larger bubbles. With this premium matcha, there's very few larger bubbles when I'm done. It's also much frothier and much creamier when drinking. The taste is nice and not off-putting like some of the cheaper ones I've tried, nor is it overpowering. It's just right for my tastes. It's too bad I can never afford the $50 matcha here as it's probably even better, but I'll definitely be purchasing this premium one again.
  • Alen Zivanovic
    Feb 28, 2014, 16:11
    I can't imagine  there is a difference in a way green tea is grown in japan, whether it has 'bio' label or not. The difference is that this manufacturer was willing to spend money for a certificate, the result is more expensive production and then expenses are probably shared with the buyers. In my opinion - marketing gimmick, adds to the price, not to taste or quality.

    About this matcha - I tried it after I finished my can of Uji Matcha Taiko-San so I might not be too objective, but I feel I would always find it a little bit too bitter for my liking. Other then that, this matcha tastes like highest grade matcha with strong umami, again small catch is bitterness that some will notice and some will not. All in all, excellent matcha.
  • Sue Moore
    Feb 2, 2014, 01:49
    Wonderful fresh and smooth flavor.
  • Stefan Kovachev
    Aug 13, 2013, 06:05
    For that price is the best tea that I ever tested !
  • Nathalia Camozzi
    Jul 20, 2013, 09:35
    This matcha is very suave, and produces a truly refreshing and delicious usucha. less bitter than other usucha grade matcha I have tried. It's an excellent product.
  • Alisha Kishlock
    Mai 12, 2013, 11:04
    Upon opening the can I had a whiff of this tea and the smell was amazing. The taste is even better when prepared. It's something that is meant to be enjoyed in small sips. Thank you for this amazing tea, I will definitely be ordering from this site again!