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Ratings and Reviews of Uji Matcha Taiko-San

Score: 5.00 (votes: 26)
Reviews: 22
Score: 5.00 (votes: 26)
Reviews: 22
Rating of votes (26)
Customer reviews
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  • Jeffrey Trommater
    Jan 26, 2014, 03:56
    I am going to give a straight forward review of this product and save the poetic "one sniff of this Matcha reminds me of an old ancient Koan" reviews for the more creative.  Long story short this is the best Matcha you will get for your money.  If you are someone who truly cares about quality then this tea will surpass your expectations. I have prepared it in both the thin and thick styles and either in my humble opinion is acceptable for this tea.  If Matcha is new to you then you may not appreciate this as much as others who drink it on a regular daily basis.  But for the die-hard Matcha drinkers out there you will 100% notice on the first sip this is the best quality out there.  Matcha enthusiasts: don't let this one pass you by.  Bust out the wallet and order a tin, you will be more than satisfied.  

    Advantages: Completely as advertised. Rare, extremely high quality matcha. 

    Disadvantages: None. Completely worth every dollar.
  • Adam Reissman
    Jan 8, 2014, 12:00
    I remember years back, cracking open that first can of Manten, and being inundated with a plethora of, "Oh my...... This just shattered the paradigm."  Everything i thought i knew about matcha, did not register in my cerebral cortex.  It was like the first time i went from driving an old 75cc dirt bike, and made the jump to a 600 sport bike.  Where was this experience my whole life, how has this managed to elude my grasp???  

    The Taiko-San manages to keep the momentum going where the Manten's powdered remnants left off, and sorta veers off into another direction.  Initial opening of the package was nerve racking since im clumsy.  At first glance, it was this malachite glow with the black can as a backdrop.  Almost came across as a ravers glow stick.  Now my, not so trusty olfactory nerve is not as keen as most, but i best relate it to being at a vegetable stand that is teeming with freshly picked kale, chard, and spinach.  The deeper your breathes get, and the more attention you focus on your inhales, the aroma tones become toasty and sweet.

    Preheated matcha bowl.  Sifted four grams of powder.  After preheating, heated 2 ounces of Pure Swiss water to around 170 degrees F.  Poured in an ounce and got to work, whisking with my 48 prong, koicha chasen.  As soon as i got to the consistency of honey, pouring out of the nozzle of the plastic shaped bear, i took a deep breath, said a little thanks, because reverence is trendy, and went for the kill….

    Ill start off with more esoteric terms since that is how i predominantly judge all that is momentous, since emotions are attatched at the hip of your palate.  The two sips that were taken around 10 seconds apart reveal just how focused and determined this tea is, yet is not even close to being one dimensional by any means.  It is more aggresive than the Manten, while the energy seems to permeate your third eye instead of the crown.  The physical body was not incapacitated yet not eager to do anything extraneous.  It just wanted your full, undivided attention.  Pay attention, and your daily enlightenment is encapsulated, right within your presence, just sign here next to the X, and the package is yours.  

    Flavors touch every section of the tongue, settling on the mid and rear, yet graciously coming around the front for a nice, soft, introduction.  Zero bitterness, with an incredible balance off sweetness and heavy cream.  Like a mild lemon merengue or key lime pie, except healthier.  It would be impossible not to take some sort of significance or introspection away from a warm bowl of this gift from the elements.  Right now the price for this tea is hovering at around 54 and change.  A steal…

    Advantages: Everything under the sun 

    Disadvantages: It is koicha or bust with this. Even though not cheap, it should be used fairly quickly once opened since the flavor profile will change rapidly so using it as an everyday tea, finishing it off, than subsequently reverting back to an "every day" priced, lower grade matcha, might be rather depressing for some.