Customer Loyalty Points Information

How To Use Customer Loyalty Points

All registered customers earn loyalty points on all of their orders.

  1. Loyalty points are earned based on the order subtotal excluding shipping fees.
  2. Only registered customers can receive bonus points. If you checked out as a guest on past orders (within one year) and would like to obtain those points, please create an account and then contact us.
  3. There are a few premium products which we are not able to offer loyalty points towards, unfortunately..
  4. Points earned on an order cannot be used for a discount on that very same order. Earned points are for subsequent orders only.
  5. Loyalty points generally expire one year after they are obtained. We cannot research bonus points that one may have obtained over a year ago.
  6. Your accumulated bonus points discount is automatically added at checkout of your next order 

Here's how to view your accumulated loyalty points...

1) First, make sure you are logged in!

2) Click "My Account" and then the "Reward points" tab

 loyalty points 1

3) Take note of how many points you have accumulated. The conversion rate is currently set at 4% of your order total (excluding shipping fees). The amount shown will depend on your currency and the exchange rate relative to the Japanese yen.

loyalty points at checkout

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