Favorable exchange rates

Apr 27, 2022

Since we are based out of Japan and are a fully registered corporation here, all of our purchases and all of our sales are based on the Japanese yen.  We provide a currency converter for your convenience which detects what country you may be shopping from and converts the prices into something more easily recognizable to you.  However, we just realized today that this conversion thing hasn't been updating like it should - the prices shown were showing the exchange rate at US $1.00 to ¥104 JPY.  Actually, the current exchange rate is around US $1.00 to ¥127 JPY.   Although our price in Japanese yen hasn't changed, currently the prices are quite a bit lower for you than they were 6 months ago.  Regardless, we have updated that feature and it's working correctly again.

All of that said, although shipping prices have increased, if you are located in North America, Europe or several other places our prices have probably decreased for you.  Not sure how long that will last but now is a pretty good time to buy from Japan.

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