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  • Fukamushi Teapot 16513

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    This item was handcrafted by a man in his late 70's.  A recent fire spells the end of this awesome product. If you have one, treasure it!


    If deep steamed (fukamushi-cha) green tea is your thing, then this handcrafted Banko-yaki teapot should fit your needs nicely. It has been designed specifically for brewing deep steamed green tea, although it is suitable for all green teas including gyokuro. Unique features of this teapot include:

    • Backward sloping bottom. This effectively separates water from the wet leaves between infusions!
    • Large, round, extra-fine stainless steel infuser removeable infuser screen. Does an especially good job of filtering the characteristically fine leaf particles of deep steamed green tea.
    • Inner rim lip extrudes into the teapot, preventing dripping from the rim when teapot is tipped to an extreme angle.
    • Square handle for an easier grip!
    • Rubber tip on the spout - easier to pour with less mess!

    If you are looking for just one type of Japanese teapot that will brew just about any type of green tea, this item would make a very good choice.

    12 ounces/360ml

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