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        Shino Chawan "Edatare Sakura"

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            Sakura Green Tea Teaspoon

            Known as a "chasaji" in Japanese, this is a traditional sakura teaspoon is used for measuring out green tea. A full teaspoon will usually weight out to 4 or 5 grams. Made from the wood of blooming cherry trees, quite beautiful.

            Note: This item is for loose leaf tea, not matcha. Here is a link to our matcha-spoon.  Do not use in the microwave, store in the refrigerator, or use in a dishwasher.

            Score: 5.0 (votes: 21)
            Reviews: 21
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                Sakura Sencha

                Introducing our Sakura Sencha, a unique blend that harmoniously combines the rich flavors of Kyushu sencha and sencha stems with the delicate notes of sakura leaves from Izu. Upon opening the package, you are immediately welcomed by the enchanting, sweet aroma of cherry blossoms mingled with the fresh scent of green tea—a sensory prelude to the delightful experience that follows.

                Brew a cup of Sakura Sencha to enjoy a truly satisfying green tea that boasts a taste as appealing as its aroma. This blend is an excellent choice for those new to green tea, offering a gentle introduction to its varied and nuanced palette.

                Each package contains 50 grams of Sakura Sencha, perfectly portioned to allow you to savor the distinctive and pleasing flavors of this special blend. Try it today and let Sakura Sencha transport you to the springtime landscapes of Japan with every sip.

                Score: 4.7 (votes: 14)
                Reviews: 14
                • ¥650 JPY
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