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        • Kabusecha

          Experience the unique charm of our Kabusecha from Uji, harvested during the first flush and carefully grown under 45% shade for 14 to 20 days prior to harvest. This meticulous shading process imbues Kabusecha with the best qualities of both sencha and gyokuro, offering a sweeter, more vegetal taste with less grassiness and astringency compared to regular sencha.

          Enjoy the subtle vegetative nuances reminiscent of gyokuro in this easy-to-brew, medium-steamed green tea. Kabusecha boasts a beautiful green color and is available at a reasonable price, making it a fantastic choice for everyday enjoyment. Despite its gyokuro-like characteristics, it is best brewed in the manner of sencha to fully capture its delightful essence.

          Available in 100-gram packages, this tea is also offered with the convenience of automatic monthly delivery, ensuring you never run out of this versatile and beloved green tea.

          Score: 5.0 (votes: 14)
          Reviews: 12
          • ¥1,900 JPY
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