Green Tea Video Documentary

Green Tea Video Documentary Filmed in Shizuoka Japan in 2005

green tea documentary<< Left: A cameraman from The Discovery Channel films harvesting taking place in the same green tea field where many of Shizuoka green teas are grown.

In September of 2005, was contacted by producers from The Discovery Channel for assistance in producing a green tea video documentary. Production started on October 4th, 2005 in the fields and factory of one of's green tea supplier in Shizuoka, Japan.


green tea in Shizuoka Japan< Filming taking place at the green tea field adjacent to the factory.


After filming the main growing fields, the crew moved on to the factory, picking up additional footage at a growing area adjacent to the factory before heading inside. In the documentary, founder and President Kevin Moore shows the stages of green tea production, from harvest through rolling and drying.


filming green tea documentary< Preparing for the segment on the Japanese Tea Ceremony. 


The tea ceremony house located at the Ocha-no-Sato green tea museum in Kanaya, Shizuoka provided the perfect setting for the segment on the Japanese tea ceremony.



Above: Green Tea Processing

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