Gyokuro green tea

Gyokuro - The finest green tea one can purchase. Less than half of one percent of all Japanese green tea ends up as gyokuro. About three weeks before harvest, the tea plants that are reserved for gyokuro are put under 90% shade. This changes the characteristics of the resulting tea considerably. Due to the extra labor and care involved, gyokuro green tea is considerably more expensive than other types of green tea.

How to Brew Gyokuro - Step-by-Step Instructions! 

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While special care should be taken when brewing gyokuro (lower brewing temperatures, pre-heating of all tea ware, etc), the end result is certainly worth the effort. Consider enjoying's connoisseur grade gyokuro green teas today! Know that all gyokuro green teas will have been stored under refrigeration and freshly packaged within a very short time frame (1-2 weeks) from when you place your order!