Uji Green Tea Otsuusan
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Ratings and Reviews of Uji Sencha Otsūsan

Score: 4.13 (votes: 16)
Reviews: 14
Score: 4.13 (votes: 16)
Reviews: 14
Rating of votes (16)
Customer reviews
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  • Áron Macsicza
    mars 12, 2016, 23:46
    As every single review, this one is going to be utterly subjective, nevertheless these are my impressions:
    I have to disagree with Violetta´s opinion. What she experienced must have been due to the small amount of leaves she used. I personally like my teas stronger, this one is no exception, I prepare it similarly to the gyokuros, which means more leaves and colder water, 65 C approximately. If you prepare it properly, even the third infusion is really enjoyable and still on the sweeter side of the spectrum. You can have up to 5 infusions, even though those will lose the sweetness and will be somewhat bitterish. (often I prepare 6) My personal impression is that this tea is rather sweet but I gave my colleagues a few sips and they told me it is quite bitter. I have to emphasize that they do not drink teas at all so for me their opinion is irrelevant :)
    I give 4 stars only because 5 would mean that it is perfect. But considering the taste, the price and the 100g package it is an excellent everyday tea which will not empty your wallet totally. + I guess no one drinks competition grade gyokuro on a daily basis ;) I have already bough 9 or more packages of this tea what explains everything.
    In a nutshell: It is a very nice sencha with a slight sweetish touch of gyokuro.
  • Sean Hardcastle
    févr. 11, 2016, 03:56
    Another fine tea from Tsuen Tea. Hard to describe, it's a sort of bitter tast, but not in a bad way. Then the sweetness comes through. A lovely drink I would recommend to anyone.
  • Violetta Ogorodnik
    févr. 9, 2016, 22:46
    This one is not what I like, you can brew it only two times, third one is just nothing, watery, and taste is just average. Won't buy it again, there are some more higher quality ones.
  • Betty
    déc. 11, 2015, 21:41
    This sencha has a very nice balanced taste with a hint of something special. It's not too difficult to brew, and the taste is very addictive. :-)