Kaoru Supreme Organic Matcha
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Ratings and Reviews of Kaoru Supreme Organic Matcha

Score: 4.74 (votes: 39)
Reviews: 32
Score: 4.74 (votes: 39)
Reviews: 32
Rating of votes (39)
Customer reviews
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  • Philip Ransom
    Jun 5, 2023, 13:27
    An absolutely great tea for such a great price! Has already become my regular matcha but I thought I'd treat myself to the Uji Matcha Taiko-San to see what all the hubbub is about. We'll see when it gets here. However, the Kaoru Supreme will always be my matcha for everyday enjoyment and peace of mind. O-Cha never fails to deliver a high quality matcha. My only wish is that the shipping was not so expensive, but it is coming from Japan right to my door in Colorado in an amazing short period of time, so I get the greatest matcha in the world (and I've tried quite a few) and never even have to leave my home. Peace to you all.
    O-Cha.com Japanese Green Tea & Matcha
    Jun 10, 2023, 06:23
    We're still waiting for the regular Japanese postal mail to resume to North America. If and when that occurs shipping options will improve.
  • MVB
    Nov 21, 2017, 23:30
    Excellent quality for the price and organic as well.
  • Steven Hebert
    Nov 4, 2017, 15:51
    very high quality tea. tastes very fresh and has a thick froth.
  • NYCTea
    Sep 23, 2017, 02:31
    Really really nice. Enjoyed my first order and then signed up for monthly delivery. This is how I start every morning. I supplement on the weekends with the really special but non-organic matchas (e.g., Taiko-San Uji Matcha).
  • Claire Brennan
    Sep 6, 2017, 09:17
    Love this matcha! It's very green and has a pleasant grassy taste. O-Cha shipped it very quickly too- it was here in Canada after 4 days!
  • Tommy Tangen
    Sep 4, 2017, 19:14
    Im half way through my first matcha container ever and must say; i like it a lot. Great replacement for coffee. I'm naturally no matcha expert, but must admit that it taste's great, and seems like high quality matcha. It's sort of bitter, but not at all overwhelmingly. It's the good kind of bitter like coffee. Tastes a lot like regular green tea but more potent and sweet (and a little greener taste like hint of pleasant nutrient rich greens). I also noticed the calm energetic effects of the caffine and L-theanine!

    Had no problem with the order and transport, but i did also use the most expensive transport option as i ordered it all the way to norway, will probably try one of the cheaper options in the future. Thanks a lot O-cha! Very satisfied.
  • Fabien Bugala
    Aug 31, 2017, 23:47
    It's a rather good price / quality.
    The taste is good though light and a bit bitter (more than another ceremonial organic brand I tried).
    I would recommend it as it's organic.
  • AdaM r.
    Jul 9, 2017, 03:58
    when it comes to ceremonial grade matchas at this price point, the kaoru supreme is definitely recommended. sift 3 grams with around 50 mL of water and it gives you a subtle earthy feel with a mildly acerbic finish with a decent amount of body and texture. this tea responds well to an extended whisk so incorporate a tad more air for a sweeter bite. i usually stay away from organic matchas and would steer anyone reading this review towards purchasing the chiyo mukashi. for a little more dinero, you can get a much more balanced, versatile and rewarding matcha with a creamier texture and excellent mouth feel. completely worth the few extra dollars. if the organic certification stamped onto this tin is crucial to your state of mind or well being, you will be making a fine choice.

  • Caroline Wilhite
    May 24, 2017, 14:15
    I am very happy with this product.
  • Karen Clarke
    May 15, 2017, 08:40
    This is the nicest Matcha I have tried, I will definitely be coming back for more. It leaves me with a feeling of well being after drinking it.

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