Kyoto Chawan Doujime Kakewake Shirogeshou

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A beautiful handcrafted Kyoto Chawan. The potter of this item, Kazuhiro Arima, spent many years of his life studying ceramics in Kyoto, Kyushu near Nagasaki, and also spend years in Ishikawa. This beautiful hand-made tea bowl is simple, yet elegant in design. Made of a light orange-pink clay it is the perfect shape and size for matcha. This item is handmade especially for by a master Japanese ceramics craftsman - you will find this tea bowl no where else.

As each matcha bowl is handcrafted, there will naturally be slight variations between each individual tea bowl. The current version (shown on green table cloth) is similar to past versions (shown on red table cloth) but the gray is a bit darker and more pronounced. For a closeup, click on image and hover over the photo once it loads.

Measures approximately 12.5 cm wide x 6.7 cm high

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5.00 (Votes: 2)
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  • Andrew
    janv. 8, 2017, 09:02
    This is a beautiful tea bowl. It is a very good price for the quality of craftsmanship, the difference it makes in the ease of preparation, and how it adds to the enjoyment of my matcha.
  • Catherine Moore
    oct. 27, 2014, 21:34
    A nice wheel thrown, red clay bowl built on a small footed base. Diameter 5 inches. The glaze is mostly transparent in color with a two areas of opaque white on either side.  The walls of the bowl are thin and the cup is light weight. Very nice craftsmanship at a very reasonable cost.  No stampings or markings on the bottom. 

    Advantages: It is an attractive chawan that feels comfortable in the hands. It retains heat quite well. 

    Disadvantages: In the photo shown, the bowl appears to be white, which it is not. However the shape is the consistent.

    (Staff Note:  The color on these can and do vary from batch to batch as they are hand made and kiln fired.)

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