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Organic Sencha 7132
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Score: 5.00. Votes: 2

Organic Sencha "7132" - Grown organically in Shizuoka, this fukamushi (deep steamed) sencha has a dark green color and cloudy consistency - as deep steamed green tea should. "7132" refers to the particular clone of green tea plant this product is derived from and is usually steamed lightly making this is a rather seldom encountered green tea. Some stems were left in this product purposefully to make a more complex flavor profile. As typical with fukamushi green tea, many of the leaf particles are also very fine, almost dust-like, so a teapot with a very fine infuser screen would work best with this green tea (you may want to take a look at our teapots designed with fukamushi in mind).  This is a particularly delicious, easy to drink green tea which beginners and seasoned connoisseurs will surely enjoy!

As with all of our loose leaf green teas, packaged in nitrogen flushed packaging.

Price shown includes 100 grams of tea per package!


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Score: 5.00. Votes: 2
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  • Peter Bowen
    Dec 19, 2012, 12:00
    This fuka is lighter than other fuka's from O-Cha. It has the same vegetal and brothy elements as others, but the taste is not as intense. Good for those who like their fuka's on the milder side.
  • Verified Past Customer
    Jul 15, 2012, 09:00
    This is a good fukamushi sencha. The taste has almost a tropical component to it, which is perhaps partly a result of the few stems remaining in the tea. This fukamushi sencha stands out as having a unique, likeable flavor profile and is very approachable.