Daily Sencha Green Tea
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Ratings and Reviews of Daily Sencha Green Tea

Score: 4.87 (votes: 30)
Reviews: 30
Score: 4.87 (votes: 30)
Reviews: 30
Rating of votes (30)
Customer reviews
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  • A
    Aug 6, 2017, 03:23
    This tea is a very good value for the price.
  • KSA
    Aug 3, 2017, 02:03
    Certainly an every day tea. Very enjoyable. Nothing extraordinary to note, but definitely worth at least drinking a cup a day. Would highly recommend for beginning tea drinkers and then experiment in the higher cost range.
  • Travis Lavenski
    Jul 22, 2017, 05:03
    This is a perfect tea to get a taste of Japanese greens. If you are just starting out, I'd highly suggest to get this tea as well as several of the higher priced teas on this site (plus a kyusu of course). This tea will let you learn how to brew sencha as well as help you understand its basic flavor profile for a low cost. Nevertheless, for the price, this tea is a great deal!
  • Jason Nieling
    Jul 10, 2017, 09:08
    I drink this sencha every day at work. It may not be the best sencha ever, but it might be the best value ever! I like it more than the "premium" sencha my local tea shop sells for more than double the price.
  • S
    Jun 21, 2017, 01:21
    As a beginner I'm really glad I picked this tea! It can be mild or strong depending on your tea leaves to water ratio. It's not too bitter or too overpowering either, very well balanced :) Having only grown up with black tea, it took some time getting used to the flavour. After a few cups I got really addicted, I didn't know sencha was something I would crave :)
  • Dries Veroeveren
    Jun 3, 2017, 19:04
    Excellent green tea for daily use.
  • Aspi
    Apr 4, 2017, 16:49
    This daily Sencha is realy good value for the price for daily sencha drinking. It surprised me many times in comparison with several more expensive teas with its rich taste. Even in second and third infusion. My favorite daily tea at this time.
  • Jim Hargrave
    Mar 8, 2017, 04:47
    This is a great tasting sencha and I am able to get 3 infusions (1 min/30 sec/1.5 min). The only downside is that the tea particle size can be small (may have just been the packet I received) and it clogs my very fine tea pot strainer. Not really an issue as I have a glass tea pot and can adjust the tea level to compensate, but this may be frustrating for other opaque tea pots.
  • lincoln muir
    Mar 8, 2017, 01:39
    Great Everyday Sencha. I sometimes brew multiple cups using the same tea; retains flavor over multiple brewings.
  • Geoff Beaver
    Feb 19, 2017, 14:51
    This is a pleasant tea overall. This one can be steeped multiple times but I've found a good steep of upwards of a minute or more extracts the most flavor available. The astringency is mellow and blends in with the overall taste. This one can be quite bold if you desire.