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Ratings and Reviews of Kyoto-yaki Shiboridashi Teapot Set

Score: 4.90 (votes: 10)
Reviews: 9
Score: 4.90 (votes: 10)
Reviews: 9
Rating of votes (10)
Customer reviews
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  • Kat
    Jan 10, 2018, 21:21
    This set is really lovely. Exquisitly made, it is a pleasure even just to look at it. It is my first shiboridashi, and I am honestly impressed at how much difference it has made to the quality of the brew (I use it mainly for gyokuros, but have tried a light steamed sencha as well). It simply helps you appreciate the tea even more.
    As noted by one of the previous reviewers, the two small cups are great for sharing, but it is perhaps more convenient to use a non-matching larger cup when drinking tea on one's own.
  • Dan Kennedy
    Aug 25, 2015, 08:04
    This is a beautifully made shiboridashi set. The shiboridashi has many long channels for ease of draining and a very snug lid to keep all the leaves in the shibo. Both the shibo and yuzamashi pour very nicely. The set is very nicely shaped with a beautiful glaze. The yuzamashi stacks inside the shibo with some of the thinner foam used to wrap the individual pieces to protect it from the "teeth" at the top of the drainage channels. One cup stacks in the other the same way nicely. I use it for all my green, oolong and white (well, I will when I get some white tea!) as it is glazed except for the channels as I do not brew/drink flavored teas. It is small, but big for me as my dedicated gyokuro shibo is only 50ml. This makes it easy to bring anywhere which is an added bonus if you're traveling like myself. It was packed very well for shipping and arrived very quickly (I was in Japan when I ordered it though).

    If you're looking for a good, smaller, travel shibo set buy it. It is very well thought out.
  • Antti Keisala
    Mar 12, 2015, 19:56
    This is not only my first shiboridashi but also my first order from

    Suffice to say I'm extremely pleased on both accounts. The shiboridashi is wonderful for gyokuro, a beautiful and functional piece of art. For this a big thank you to the potter, Kazuhiro Arima. The two cups are nice to have when serving to a friend, although I use a slightly larger tea cup of my own when I'm only brewing for myself. The lid functions perfectly in allowing one to adjust the flow of water when pouring. 

    Since I have an electric kettle with a built-in thermometer with which it's easy to warm the water directly to the 60 degrees celsius I brew my gyukuro in, I haven't used the yuzamashi that much as a water cooler. It has, however, become an essential tool as I prepare matcha, since it's convenient in measuring the water before pouring into the chawan.

    And speaking of, the delivery was very fast. The EMS package was stopped at customs and I had to pay some customs duties. Luckily here in Finland the system works very quickly, since I was able to get it moving from the customs the same morning it arrived to the country. 

    I was surprised at how small the shiboridashi set actually is, since I had never seen one live. It was packaged very carefully, so there was absolutely no way it could've been broken on the way in normal handling.

    Considering the experience, I'm certainly starting to order my matcha from O-Cha, as well as gyokuro once I'm starting to run out of my supplies.

    Advantages: Ease of use, functional design, the yuzamashi is great to have if one needs to let the water cool to the desired temperature, the two teacups are perfect for serving tea for two, small in size thus easy to store.
  • Dr. Pedro A Enriquez
    Dec 20, 2013, 23:20
    This is my first shidobarashi. 
    I have used it with the matching yuzamushi to brew Kabusecha (@60-65 ºC) with large amounts of leaf (5 g) and small amounts of water (60-70 ml) for the last three weeks. 

    The experience has been quite satisfactory.

    Advantages: Beatifully craft and delicate feel.
    Yuzamushi very handy for cooling small water volumes, shidobarashi for brewing the tea and the cups for enjoying it. The tea pours fairly easily and does not clog, its is easy to control the pouring speed. Easy cleaning.
  • Kimberley Remesch
    Oct 18, 2013, 01:53
    I've been using a Hohin for gyokuro for a long time, but I wanted to try the Shiboridashi to see if there were any differences. I tried this out the day it arrived.

    Right away, I think I like this better for brewing gyokoru than the houhin. 

    First, the tea pours faster from this vessel than a hohin. I believe this has to due with the grooves being very shallow and going to the bottom of the vessel. There are fewer leaves and sediment in the cups, and it is easier to get the last drop. With hohin, I have to shake it more due to the leaves settling over the holes and blocking them. Second, I feel the flavour is enhanced due to the better pouring and a cleaner liquid in the cups.

    I may buy the Yakishimei Shiboridash Set for travelling since the cups don't nest in this set like they do in that one.

    As for the reviewer that mentioned they have a pre-temp kettle: I don't recommend that. Using the yuzamashi adds something to the experience. Maybe it's the ritual, but I do find a difference in the taste after perfecting the art of using the yunomi and yuzamashi to cool the water. Using a pre-temp kettle just isn't the same and the flavour isn't as rich. 

    Also, the description says this is not suitable for fukamashi, please keep that in mind when purchasing this vessel, or I would assume you will be disappointed. Fukamashi is very fine and turns to mush when brewing. I can easily see it clogging the grooves. It does however, make an excellent cold brew when used with a fine mesh.

    Advantages: Fast pouring. Excellent straining. Low price. Hand-made. Easy to rinse and wipe clean. 
  • Robert mckee
    Oct 10, 2013, 11:55
    Its a human made quality brewing vessel..   While it may be perfect for you, I took a star off for the price, and a few quibbles..  

    I doesnt brew fukamushi well (we knew that, OK).. Very few pots do.. 

    In fairness I only use the brewing vessel (not the cooler and cups).. I have a electronic water pot that gives me control over the water temp..  

    I do preheat.. Kevin talked me into preheating, and it makes a much bigger difference than you would think. I am guessing it shocks the tea somehow with an unheated pot, when the water temp drops 10-degrees quickly.. Who knows, I went with it because I thought it a good idea to follow the practice developed over hundreds of years of tea drinking..  There is more to preheating than to clean the pot.  

    The underside of the lid is a dark color with spots, that basically camoflage tea that sticks to the lid (after you pour)..  The lid should have been white on the undersiude too..  So it makes me work harder to flush this stuck tes back down for the next brew..

    Advantages: Human made work of art. A self contained set, where all the cups fit inside each other.. 

    Disadvantages: Price. You have to know this is what you want to love this pot.
  • Ashley Spicer
    Aug 9, 2013, 12:00
    I think this can brew everything.
    I purchased this along with Fukamushi Sae midori and Kabusecha. It brews both nicely.
    To brew fuka, don't shake or agitate the pot, poor slowly (count the poor time as part of brew time so it doesn't overbrew), and when brewing the second infusion poor the fresh water over the filter to clear it. I have only had problems with it clogging when I put too much tea in (1 tsp instead of 1/2 tsp). 

    Advantages: Brews all tea, cleans easily, good for multiple small brews. 

    Disadvantages: clogs when you put in too many tea leaves (fuka only)
  • Nicole Stovicek
    Feb 10, 2013, 12:00
    Absolutely lovely shiboridashi!

    Beautifully crafted, elegant, and so very light!
    Feels delicate in hand, and brews gyokuro just perfectly. Highly recommend this to those who love their gyokuro.

    Kazutoshi Kamei &, arigato gozaimashta!
  • Lance Stacenko
    Dec 6, 2012, 12:00
    Excellent teapot set. I wanted a traditional Japanese teapot for general purpose green tea brewing, and it looks like I made the right decision.
    It came very quickly to the other side of the world packaged in a nice box, no risk of breakage or damage in shipping. 

    On first inspection, the teapot seemed very fragile. Over the last few day,s I've dropped it once (Accidentally), with no breakage or chipping. This is some seriously strong clay.

    Brews green tea very well. I tested it with the Sencha Kurasawa (2g per cup) and found that it was extremely easy to control temperature, resulting in no bitterness even when brewed by a novice tea enthusiast. I'm sure it would be even better for gyokuro, but for sencha it works great, producing one of the best cups I've ever had - Even better than some of the authentic sushi restaurants I've been to.

    I have zero complaints. A very well designed teapot that looks like a piece of art - and built like a tank even though it doesn't look it.