Persimmon - Green Tea Soap

        Persimmon - Green Tea Soap

        We came across this rather unique Japanese health related product recently. Similarly Japanese made products offered to customers outside of Japan are usually priced at many times what we offer this fantastic product for. Made by an older, established company in Kumamoto prefecture Japan, this high quality persimmon soap produces a creamy lather and is blended with persimmon tannin, green tea extract, and red clay. It removes oxidized sebum, dirt. In Japan persimmon soap is often used as a solution to the dreaded old person smell (known in Japanese as kareishū 加齢臭) where it is of particular concern due to the high value placed on personal hygiene.

        "Old-Person Smell" Really Exists, Scientists Say...

        This soap contains high levels of persimmon tannin extracted from persimmon fruit. The tannin in persimmon fruit helps to abolish nonenal chemicals associated with old person smell and has a deodorant effect, acting to reduce body odor associated with seniors.

        Persimmon leaf sushi has an antibacterial and deodorant effect. The persimmon tannin in it is believed to have a deodorant effect when it chemically reacts with body odor.

        Added Green Tea Extract!

        Unlike other expensive, competing products, green tea extract has been added to this soap. Green tea extract contains high levels of polyphenols (catechins), has an added astringency and deodorant effect, among other beneficial effects.

        Having personally used this product ourselves, we can attest that it is a very pleasant general purpose soap in addition to it's other unique properties.

        Country of Origin: Japan
        Contents: 80 grams / 2.8 oz 
        Product Size (width x depth x height): 67mm x 62 mm x 23 mm



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