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      Tokoname Teapot 16567

      Introducing our exquisitely handcrafted teapot from Tokoname, Japan, a region revered for its ceramic artistry. This teapot is specifically designed for the optimal brewing of green tea, featuring a unique "swing" type stainless steel infuser screen that enhances the brewing process. The screen's curved design is suspended above the teapot's base, ensuring that tea leaves are thoroughly drained and not left sitting in water, which can affect the taste and quality of subsequent infusions.

      In addition to its functional attributes, this teapot boasts a beautiful hand-painted design on the exterior, adding a touch of elegance and artistry to your tea-making ritual. The craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal make it not only a tool for brewing tea but also a piece of art to adorn your kitchen or dining room.

      With a capacity of 370ml (approximately 12.5 ounces), this teapot is ideal for those who appreciate a good cup of green tea and value the traditional methods of tea preparation. Its thoughtful design and decorative elements ensure a seamless and enjoyable tea-drinking experience.

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      • Betty
        Dec 11, 2015, 20:09
        This is a lovely teapot. It makes good tea and it's easy to clean. The mesh is very fine, very good quality and works perfectly. Perhaps the only thing I would say is that it doesn't hold 370 ml like the description says but around 330 ml, but that's not a bad thing.
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          311 g
      • Material
      • Clay Color
      • Infuser Screen
        "Swing" suspended stainless
      • Locality/Style
      • Useful for
        General green tea brewing - all types
      • Volume
        370ml/12.5 oz
      • Glazed

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