Matcha Tea Whisk
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Ratings and Reviews of Matcha Tea Whisk

Score: 4.95 (votes: 21)
Reviews: 21
Score: 4.95 (votes: 21)
Reviews: 21
Rating of votes (21)
Customer reviews
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  • Betty Angwenyi
    Apr 6, 2016, 01:46
    Can't do without this item; it's ESSENTIAL for making a smooth, well-distributed. While I had some misunderstandings on how to use the product at first (prongs come curled but will straighten out after first whisking) it works beautifully. If you buy nothing else besides tea, consider this whisk and it's holder. Also beautifully crafted and I appreciate it's fine, delicate workmanship.
  • Tammy Whitley
    May 23, 2015, 22:01
    Very beautiful piece. I just rinse it under water when done, put it on the holder, and done. I did buy the ceramic holder, figuring it worth the small investment. It matches my bowl nicely too. Nicely made and packaged well.
  • Catherine Moore
    Oct 27, 2014, 21:50
    I am finding that this whisk is definitely preferable to the metal type that I used while awaiting my purchase from O-cha in that I can make a much frothier matcha.
  • Alina Panaitescu
    Sep 2, 2014, 22:58
    I love this whisk, excellent quality!
  • Tim Willis-Crowley
    Jul 29, 2014, 01:56
    Very lovely whisk - better than the imports I have bought in London - much finer and clearly better crafted. 
  • James Winterbottom
    Jun 2, 2014, 23:34
    Very Nice whisk and you can tell the quality right away if you have ever used the cheap Chinese mass produced ones. This whisk will last a very long time. Mixes thicker matcha very well, thinner matcha takes some effort however. 
    May 20, 2014, 12:00
    I owned both the Chinese matcha whisk ( bought from taobao ) and Japanese matcha whisk from O-Cha. Overall the Japanese one is much superior to the Chinese in several ways:

    1) The Japanese tea whisk fit nicely on the Whisk stand, while the Chinese one does not fit ( the prongs do not lock well with the Whisk stand )

    2) The Japanese one is much lighter. I could whisk the matcha easier.

    3) The Japanese ones' prongs are also stronger than the Chinese ones'. You will know when you ground them against the bowl. Extra benefit when you are whisking the matcha vigorously
  • Áron Macsicza
    Feb 12, 2014, 05:11
    This is my first tea whisk ever and so far I am very satisfied, it is a high quality hand-made product. It comes with a sturdy plastic box which is ideal for transporting the tea whisk.
  • Panot Uttamayotin
    Oct 17, 2013, 18:25
    It is softer than China made. A handle is smaller than China so at first it is hard to control but afterward found that it takes less speed and time of making froth. I recommend this than China made.
  • Ashley Spicer
    Nov 6, 2012, 09:00
    I have used it but once so far, and I may update my review after a few months of use, and have been very pleased. You can tell that it is hand made and the craftsmanship is excellent. I love that all of the tines are roughly the same size but some appear thinner or thicker than others give it a nice hand made look. it has a pleasant appearance. 
    The tea resulting from Nara whisk Vs. Areolatte whisk was much sweeter and "softer."