Kiku Mukashi Uji Matcha

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Score: 4.88. Votes: 25

An above average, high quality, regular consistency (usucha) matcha from Uji City, near Kyoto, Japan. The unsolicited customer reviews (see below) speak for themselves. We obtain this ceremonial grade matcha from a rather famous maker. Whether you use Uji Matcha "Kiku Mukashi" for the tea ceremony or as a source for antioxidants or mind relaxing theanine, know that this matcha, as with all of our products, is extremely fresh (we only order small quantities as we sell) and is a quality throughout. We keep this product under refrigeration until shipment.

Net weight 30gm.

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  • Weight
    80 g
  • SKU
  • Grown in
  • Year
  • Aroma
  • Color
    Very Green
  • Type
  • Container
    Re-sealable Round Metal Container
  • Net Wgt
    30 grams
  • Servings Per Container
  • Whisk
    65-72+ prong usucha whisk
Customer reviews
Average rating:
Score: 4.88. Votes: 25
Rating of votes (25)
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  • Martin
    Mar 22, 2017, 18:53
    Very good matcha with very good price. Suitable for everyday drinking. For me best hit in terms of "above average quality / price" ratio.
  • Heather Connolly
    Mar 12, 2017, 06:39
    I drink matcha every day for my health and it has lowered my cholesterol by 2 points. Uji Match Kiku Mukashi tastes lovely and smooth. It's nice with some fresh lemon also
  • Edward Gallant
    Jan 29, 2017, 10:27
    My review is almost the same as for toyo mukashi with this one. I think I like toyo mukashi just a little better, but they are both very tasty. I am happy to be able to indulge in maccha, I can get a more consistent result than I can with senchas, where brewing parameters can vary from harvest to harvest, personal habits. It's harder to drink too much maccha, as well, since you make it in small amounts.
  • Chance Plaskett
    Jan 9, 2017, 10:07
    Mild and sweet, softly announced green butter. Not much umami or marine nor vegetal and absolutely no bitterness. Leaves a wonderful nourishing taste in the mouth - an almost silent flavor that still speaks.
  • Andrew
    Jan 8, 2017, 09:47
    Kiku Mukashi is an outstanding quality matcha for the under $20. It is a weekend treat in our house (along with Toyo Mukashi, which is of similar quality, although I prefer Kiku Mukashi for its flavor profile/slightly higher quality). I have ordered it many times and it has never disappointed.
  • Adam Reissman
    Dec 27, 2016, 08:10
    When it comes to the everyday matcha, with just enough flavor and character to keep you content, while not jonessing over where your next bowl of matcha is gonna come from cause your wallet is on the lean side....this is the perfect purchase. Does it have a five star flavor profile??? Absolutely not...its not supposed to. i have not had many twenty dollar matchas with this amount of balance and boldness. Its honest and revealing of some flaws but they are quite easy to overlook. Would be a great entry point to people curious about tea or wanting to explore the different grades. Works well with a mineral rich water like aqua panna.
  • Katalin Balog
    Dec 7, 2016, 09:40
    I am new to matcha but I have experimented with a couple of others before I settled on this. Very smooth, refined taste, but what I am most impressed by is the calming effect. Whereas with other green tea I sometimes get a bit buzzed and lightheaded right after drinking it, this one never had any weird aftereffect. Calm energy....
  • Matthew Skrobanski
    Oct 27, 2016, 20:55
    I have bought this matcha before, and it is wonderful in my opinion. When the water is just right, you can certainly taste why it is called the "chrysanthemum of old." There is a flowery flavor, very green with smooth consistency. A nice froth appears during whisking with a great aroma. Delightful to drink, slightly grassy with only a very small astringent note. I've noticed that Kiku Mukashi leaves me feeling very calm and serene after a bowl or two. I would highly recommend this matcha to everyone.Truly unique and a great price for the quality.

Product questions

  • Matthew Skrobanski
    Sep 1, 2016, 08:43

    Is this the matcha that referred to as the "Chrysanthemum of Old" at one time? It has been a while since I've placed an order, and it was one of my favorites.

    Sep 1, 2016, 11:59


    Yes, it's the one and the same.

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