US Military Veterans, Retired, and Active Duty

You are entitled to 10% discount on your orders

veterans discount


How to receive your discount 

Use our contact form and send us a request.

We will reply and ask for proof of service.  This can be a copy of your DD-214, an active or retired identification card, or a VA issued "Veteran's Identification Card".

We will issue you a person specific coupon code which can be used on all future orders.


This is for honorably (only) discharged veterans, retired, and active duty US military.

We will consider discounts for other non-US veterans on a case-by-case basis.

There may be certain special sales which we offer from time to time in which additional discounts including the veterans discount cannot be used. Likewise, occasionally we have a very few products which cannot be discounted.  The majority of our products can be discounted, however.

This offer cannot be combined with other special offers or other coupon codes.

This offer can be used with your bonus points.

Note that if you take a 10% discount on an order using this discount, you will not be able to also earn bonus points on that order.