O-Cha.com LIMITED EDITION 20th Anniversary Sae Midori Green Tea!

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To celebrate O-Cha.com's 20th year of shipping the most fabulous Japanese green teas to our customers around the world, we have been searching for "something special" and while it took some time, we have indeed scored a real gem! We have aquired a lot of a rather fabulous competition grade Sae Midori sencha.

The farmer who grows this is rather famous for specializing in Sae Midori!

Note that once this has been sold out, there will be no more coming - this is a LIMITED EDITION, ONE-TIME ONLY offering.

Deep steamed, yet unlike most fukamushi-cha (deep steamed) green teas this one mostly retains it's leaf structure. Velvety mouth-feel and full of umami, this is a throroughly enjoyable sencha!  From the first harvest and comes from Kagoshima prefecture located at the southern part of Japan.

A very easy to brew green tea! The "Sae Midori" clone of green tea plant is a cross between Yabukita and Asatsuyu varieties and was only just registered in 1990. Since it does not tolerate frost, it is mostly grown in Southern Kagoshima. Strong in color and aroma, but a bit on the sweet side, you will be greeted with a very wonderful, grassy aroma upon opening of the package. Without a doubt, this item offers one of the most intense, emerald green color you will likely ever come across in any green tea. We are sure you will be pleased!

Note that this is a deep steamed green tea. While you can brew it in a variety of teapots, it is best prepared in a teapot designed for fukamushi-cha (deep steamed green tea)

Available in 100 gram packages.

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  • 重量
    110 克
  • 库存单位
  • Loose Leaf
    • Ease of Brewing
      Easy Brewer!
    • Net Weight
      100 g / 3.52 oz
    • Growing Region
      Kagoshima Prefecture
    • Year
    • Harvest
      First and/or Shincha
    • Breed
      Sae Midori
    • Shading
      Full Sun
    • Steaming
    • Color
      Deep Green
    • Aroma
    • Taste
    • Astringency
    • Clarity
      Somewhat Cloudy
    • First infusions per Pkg
    • Organic
    • Leaf (dry weight grams) to Water (1 fl oz / 30 ml) Ratio (recommended)
      1.0 g to 1 oz/30 ml
    • Brew Temp (℃/℉ - recommended )
      71℃ (160℉)
    • Brew Time (Seconds)
    • Notes
      Lot's of umami, nice velvety mouth-feel
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  • Robert McKee
    May 18, 2019, 04:50
    You guys missed out (I thought i saw sold out)..

    The description is spot on, except not sure about the color (its nice and green like many greens are).

    The description said its fukamushi, but retains its leaf.. I brewed in my shiboridashi (like a gaiwan with cut slots for filtering), and while it worked, I found myself thinking next brew goes in the fukamushi pot.

    FIRST BREW: 45 seconds; - About the best sencha ive tasted (still shincha Im drinking)..

    OK crap; im brewing at 165 F. (not 160).. But im sure its mostly the same..

    SECOND BREW: More highlighter color green than the first (but accidently poured at 65 seconds instead of 45 seconds).. Tasted close to the first brew (not washing out much).. Added sugar (addicted to sugar); This is good tea.

    THIRD BREW: Normally sencha starts to wash out here, but this brew was a little more astringent, leaving a nice after taste.. I usually sugar the third, but enjoyed it as is.
    O-Cha.com Japanese Green Tea & Matcha
    May 18, 2019, 11:06
    It sells out quickly when we get it in stock but we have reserve so for the time being plenty of stock. Probably it will completely sell out by late summer however...

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