Sae Midori Sencha

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分数: 4.81. 投票: 27
评论: 24
分数: 4.81. 投票: 27
评论: 24
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  • Charles Cook
    Apr 23, 2014, 01:15
    I love this tea. The taste is bright and grassy; and it is easy to brew. Quite a beautiful tea to wake up to in the morning.
  • Laurie Miller
    Sep 28, 2013, 23:53
    I think I've drunk more of this tea than any other. Fukamushis can be too powerful for me, but this one brewed with less leaf, very short infusions, and a few tricks with the temperature produces a wonderful grassy-sweet sencha that suits my delicate palate.

    Advantages: Adapts well to varied brewing parameters to get it exactly how you want it. And the way I drink it, it's quite cheap, since I don't use much leaf. 

    Disadvantages: As with most fukamushis, that second infusion packs a wallop. I tend to dilute it in the cup.
  • Tasnim Anwar
    May 23, 2013, 12:00
    My very first shincha! Easy to brew (this is my second sencha), as long as you use a pocket weight scale and thermometer. Be sure to use a teapot suitable for fukamushi.

    Best results when brewed at 79 C for 45 s, 20 - 30 s, and 45 - 60 s, respectively. The first infusion is light green, quite clear in appearance, and tastes like an exceptional 2nd infusion of Daily Sencha (the only sencha I have tried before this one). The second infusion is incredible: cloudy, forest green, with bold, sweet, and grassy taste, and very little to no astringency. The third infusion is very similar to the second infusion, but may be slightly lacking in flavour depending on the second infusion brew time.
  • Ashley Spicer
    Apr 24, 2013, 12:00
    My very first loose leaf green tea and my very first Shincha.

    Advantages: Sweet, umami. Has a wonderful and long lived sweet aftertaste. 

    Disadvantages: has a slight astringency (I am used to drink matcha) but its not intense.