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Organic Matcha Kaoru Supreme

Organic Matcha Kaoru Supreme
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Shipping Weight
30.00 grams
Grown in
Year Harvested
Thin (Usucha)
Whisk needed?
Intense Green
Container Type
Re-sealable Round Metal Container
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O-Cha.com's private label organic matcha "Kaoru Supreme" - A finer organic matcha you will be hard pressed to find. This is our top grade of organic matcha. Grown in Kirishima district of Japan's Kagoshima prefecture with only natural organic fertilizers and no agricultural chemicals, it is certified by JONA (Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association), meets JAS certification requirements, and also carries the USDA & European IMO seals (certificates on file.) Additionally, one of the very few green teas certified as Kosher. Extremely fresh, our matcha are ordered shortly before shipped to our customers and are always stored under refrigeration until shipment. Try some today! Net weight 30gm, this product makes approximately 24 servings per can.

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Uji Matcha Kiri no Mori
Kagoshima Sencha Sae Midori
Kagoshima Sencha Yutaka Midori
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tyler moore
Jun 29, 2015
Verified O-Cha.com Customer Purchase...
Very good matcha not bitter slighty sweet will be buying agian
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Kevin Dieu
Jun 9, 2015
Verified O-Cha.com Customer Purchase...
-The package was superb.
-The powder matcha was bright green, and smelled aromatic when I opened the bag.

The most important part of this was that when I used the tea whisk, I get little to no foam at all no matter how vigorous (not recommended) i whisk. Definitely how it is.

Another important to note is the taste. It taste super bitter but taste wonderful, like you know you are getting nutrients wonderful lol.

I get like 1/10 tea spoon (just eye it) and whisk it in a small bowl with 1 table spoon of warm water and I whisk it. I drink a small sip of the tea and in 5 mins I get a sudden boost of energy.

They don't call it supreme for no reason, this is the real deal.

Advantages: -Healthy nutrients
-Boost of energy

Disadvantages: Bitter Taste (only if you can't stand it or do mind it)
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June Wang
Apr 6, 2015
Verified O-Cha.com Customer Purchase...
I bought this for health benefits and also ordered the started kit.
the first time, too much water and the second time too much matcha which tasted bit bitter. and the third time i got the ratio right and tasted so good. i could taste the natural sweetness in the tea.

Advantages: smooth, bright green color, natural sweetness

Disadvantages: very expensive for the quantity
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Darius Ciornei
Mar 10, 2015
Verified O-Cha.com Customer Purchase...
This is my first matcha that i have tasted, because of that i can't really compare this product with others sortiments, but what i can surrely tell is that this tea is really good, after 1 minute after i tried it i felt a calm and relaxing sensation in my whole body (no wonder that monks drink matcha right before meditation) and besides that my concentration ability was really good, i recommend to drink a cup before studying or working on projects (it helped me alot on my finals).

Advantages: -good taste+really nice silky sensation in mouth
-it makes you really calm (mentaly and physically)
-the container is really awesome
-Bio product

Disadvantages: the quantity could have been more bigger for such a price
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Jakub Sadowski
Dec 2, 2014
Matcha Tea-Tasting Results (each cup had 1/4TSP Matcha+2oz Western Family Demineralized Water@68°C for each cup, and 1oz shot of warm honey-lemon-ginger tea from fresh ingredients as palate cleanser):
1) 6th Place, Tea Palace-Generic/Organic, $25/100g=$0.25/g, Flavour=2/5 Grit=5/5 Bitter=5/5
2) 4th Place (1st Place in Bang-for-Buck), O-Cha-Kaoru Supreme/Organic, $31/30g=$1.05/g, Flavour=3/5 Grit=4/5 Bitter=3/5
3) 5th Place, Jagasilk-Matcha Owl, $25/20g=$1.25/g, Flavour=3/5 Grit=3/5 Bitter=4/5
4) 3rd Place, Jagasilk-Matcha Eagle, $45/20g=$2.25/g, Flavour=3/5 Grit=3/5 Bitter=3/5
5) 1st Place, O-Cha-Uji Matcha Manten, $54/20g=$2.70/g, Flavour=5/5 Grit=1/5 Bitter=1/5
6) 2nd Place, O-Cha-Uji Matcha Taiko-San, $59/20g=$2.95/g, Flavour=5/5 Grit=1/5 Bitter=2/5, all judges agreed the bitterness resulted in a more "full bodied" Matcha taste but bitterness isn't something most were willing to reward

Advantages: Decent flavor and low-bitterness for a very competitively-priced matcha

Disadvantages: Quite gritty

(Note: The staff at O-Cha.com disagree with the statement that this tea is in any way 'gritty', however we respect the customer's opinion and will let the review stand)
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