Yutaka Midori Sencha
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Ratings and Reviews of Yutaka Midori Sencha

Score: 4.85 (votes: 68)
Reviews: 56
Score: 4.85 (votes: 68)
Reviews: 56
Rating of votes (68)
Customer reviews
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  • Michael Zaurov
    Jan 22, 2023, 02:15
    This is my favorite sencha. I've tried most others on O-cha, as well as a few other tea vendors like Ippodo, and I keep coming back to this. It has the perfect balance of astringency and umami, very hearty and warming taste.
  • Harry Harris
    Dec 25, 2020, 00:24
    Lovely and balanced, with some sweetness at front then dry with a nutty aroma. Another reviewer mentioned chestnut, which I think is right. Wasn't very impressed with the second infusion, but will certainly be buying this again for the unique nuttiness and value.
  • Gerald Gaiser
    Sep 20, 2020, 01:36
    New to Japanese green teas, but this one has become a favorite. Thick, cloudy and an edge of bitterness. Grassy and umami. Holds up well through 3 infusions.
  • hblaze
    Nov 14, 2018, 01:28
    Really great color. A bold tea with a slight chestnut aroma. Works great in multiple infusions.
  • Greg D
    Nov 9, 2018, 09:22
    A good solid green tea. Overall would describe it as having a good full body through several steeps. I enjoy Sae Midori more so from a first steep standpoint, but this tea is more flexible, and tends to re-steep better. Great every day tea.
  • B0shes
    Apr 24, 2018, 03:20
    We have made this our daily tea in the office. Pretty consistent brews, although the second infusion sometimes is a bit bitter if you give it a full 30 seconds. Overall, a great tea.
  • Steve
    Mar 25, 2018, 03:51
    This is an excellent daily sencha. The color, aroma and taste is always impressive to guests, and each time for me as well.
  • Andrew Kong
    Nov 8, 2017, 11:28
    Just finished 100g of this. My second tea after Kabusecha. It's got almost a walnut like taste in my opinion. Seems like it has a deep body and not very sweet at all like Kabusecha was.
  • Melissa Horn
    Nov 8, 2017, 03:17
    One of my favorites, I order it over and over again. Easy to brew, excellent quality for the price. Great tea to start your day!
  • Kat
    Nov 6, 2017, 03:50
    Fantastic value for money. Reasonably easy to brew, it has an intensive grassy aroma with a slightly sweet and fruity aftertaste. I particularly enjoy drinking it in the evening - a perfect way to end the day.

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