Monthly Delivery Service


Due to the CONSTANT rule changes by Japan Post as a result of the COVID-19 situation (supposedly), lack of airline flights, lack of air cargo space, unannounced postal delays, unannounced 2-3 month holds in storage facilities which result in tiffed off customers and unfresh tea deliveries, we have unfortunately had to temporarily suspend our subscription service.  We tried to keep it going for other countries outside of the USA but they kept pulling the rug out from under us, allowing, then suspending deliveries over an over. It not only upsets customers, there has also been a significant financial loss this year from all of this.  We expect the postal service will be flaky and unreliable well into 2021.

We can only economically ship subscriptions by the postal service.  We have not been able to ship to the USA since April, 2020 and once again Canada was stopped (again!) on November 27th, 2020. Rather than continue this on and off unreliable delivery we would rather suspend it outright. It's not just North America, we have had the same situation with various European countries as well. 

What is reliable? FedEx is reliable, and FAST! However, it doesn't work too well with subscriptions because it's just a single item and the shipping price exceeds the item value.

Alternative option - Order a large amount at once, ship by FedEx, store unopened packages in the refrigerator.  Most green teas will stay fresh if stored unopened (important) and under refrigeration up to about a year.

 This is temporary!

We will resume subscriptions again once this bad dream is over and the postal service gets back to normal delivery.