Asatsuyu Organic Sencha

        Asatsuyu Organic Sencha

        From Kirishima, Kagoshima Japan, a first rate, first flush green tea. Organic sencha "Asatsuyu" is harvested from the first round of young 100% Asatsuyu clone spring leaves. Medium steamed green tea (chumushi), green color with a semi-cloudy clear consistency.  We find this particular asatsuyu to be particularly aromatic and flavorful which is why we chose to include it in our lineup. If you are looking for a healthy, organic, light steamed daily sencha of good value this would be hard to beat. Certified organic JONA/JAS. As with all of our loose leaf green teas, packaged in nitrogen filled bags.

        Price shown includes 100 grams of tea per package

        Score: 4.54 (votes: 13)
        Reviews: 12
        • ¥1,800 JPY
        • 18   – Reward points

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        Product questions

        • Aline Mendonça
          Jul 22, 2022, 01:31

          Hello, O-Cha team! There will be a 2022 version of this tea? I can see this is the only asatsuyu this shop is selling.

          Kevin Moore
          Jul 22, 2022, 01:35

          So far we haven't been able to obtain it this year, but we will endeavor to find it...

        Customer reviews
        Average rating:
        4.54(Votes: 13)
        Rating of votes (13)
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        • Lumpi
          Aug 7, 2019, 06:55
          This has the same characteristics as the Asatsuyu Kabusecha Fukujuen i bought from Kyoto Kitsune two years ago: low on sweetness, bitterness and umami, but a unique freshness and just a very mild astringency (at about 60°C). I like this very much and the price for a JAS-certified tea is excellent! I think i'll keep my eyes open also for different brands of the Asatsuyu cultivar.
        • Geoff Beaver
          Aug 4, 2018, 06:53
          Satisfied overall with this tea. The flavor profile does differ from your average sencha. It does indeed reveal "corn-like" flavors, as mentioned by others and is somewhat salty. I wasn't so sure at first, but after adjusting brewing parameters I really like it. It has a good body to it with .8-1 grams per ounce of water.
        • Alessio Coletta
          May 31, 2017, 03:07
          I was astonished by the deep green colour of this tea! It has a very refined taste, considerably grassy and vegetal, with a non-excessive astringency. Plus the price is not as high as many other green teas, so there is a great value for money.
        • Steve
          May 16, 2017, 19:44
          As someone who seeks out marine/oceanic flavors from Japanese tea, this one delivers in a huge way -- salty and fresh, with a hugely satisfying wet leaf aroma. Makes a really tasty cold brew as well!
        • Ninoslav Kosutic
          Feb 19, 2017, 02:11
          Very good tea, and excellent servis. This became an O-cha nice tradition.
        • Preslav Panov
          Jun 10, 2016, 20:34
          Very fast delivery to Bulgaria. I have never think a green tea could have so nice flavor and taste. Really glad, that I have believe to words of my friend, who recommend me Your site!
        • Carl L
          Apr 10, 2016, 03:13
          I really like the flavour. I bought it based on some of the earlier reviews claiming it was salty, broth-like, had corn-like flavours, etc. and I was not disappointed. Brews quite easily too. I find it fairly unique compared to the other senchas I drink, and I plan to buy it again in the future.
        • Timur Huseyin
          Feb 22, 2016, 19:35
          I purchased this tea to serve as a quick easy brew, during the day. While it is quick and easy, it isn't anywhere near as good as other sencha available. The taste is mellow, a bit salty and vegetal. It barely made a third brew with a big drop in flavour from the first two brews.
          Overall, its not bad for one of those brewing sessions where you want something quickly, but its not very memorable and you won't miss it. For the price, its just OK from my point of view - as with many things in life, you get what you pay for.
          • Art.-Nr.
          • Gewicht
            110 g
        • Loose Leaf
          • Ease of Brewing
            Medium - Brew w/ care
          • Net Weight
            100 g / 3.52 oz
          • Growing Region
            Kagoshima Prefecture
          • Harvest
            First and/or Shincha
          • Breed
          • Shading
            Full Sun
          • Steaming
          • Color
          • Aroma
          • Taste
          • Astringency
          • Clarity
            Somewhat Cloudy
          • First infusions per Pkg
          • Organic
          • Leaf (dry weight grams) to Water (1 fl oz / 30 ml) Ratio (recommended)
            .6 g to 1 oz/30 ml
          • Brew Temp (℃/℉ - recommended )
            74℃ (165℉)
          • Brew Time (Seconds)

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