Gyokuro Green Tea Bags
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      Gyokuro Green Tea Bags

      New & Improved Gyokouro Tea Bags...

      We finally came across a gyokuro green tea bag of a high quality that is worthy of our lineup. Unlike the vast majority of green tea tea bags you run across, each of our Gyokuro Green Tea Bags consists of 5 grams of high quality gyokuro leaf (not tea dust).  There are a few gyokuro stems in this tea bag which give the tea a slight astringency but the main flavor is gyokuro all the way.

      This tea bag comes in a triangular, biodegradable (not plastic or nylon) mesh infusion bag, and will not affect the taste as traditional paper teabags are known to do. A wonderful grassy aroma awaits you when you open the re-sealable package.

      As of November 2020, the tea bag material used for our Uji green tea bags is composed of a starch based biomass material derived from plants. In addition to the filter, the laminate on the tag and string of this product also incorporate the same environmentally-friendly material.

      One package includes (16) five-gram high quality gyokuro tea bags, try some today!


      Notes on Brewing this gyokuro tea bag

      To brew this successfully, you do need to take temperature into consideration. A good proceedure is to use TWO cups to brew this tea.

      1) In your first cup, add hot water (90 ℃ / 194 ℉) and allow it to sit for about a minute. The temperature will drop (see detailed product  images).

      2) Next, pour the water from the first cup into a second cup. The temperature will drop further (see detailed product  images).

      3) Lastly, put the teabag into the first cup (which is now pre-warmed) and pour the water from the second cup back into the first cup with the tea bag. 55℃ / 131℉ is the perfect temperature, brew this for 2.5 to 3 minutes (this is longer than for sencha). Place your used tea bag into the second cup for subsequent infusions.


      Score: 4.13 (votes: 8)
      Reviews: 5
      • ¥1,900 JPY
      • 19   – Reward points

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      Product questions

      • K
        Dec 7, 2020, 07:27

        What does the packaging look like for these tea bags?

        Kevin Moore
        Dec 7, 2020, 16:00

        The package image has been added to the product, please take another look...

      • Donna Campora
        Jan 14, 2019, 22:39

        How many tea bags ?

        Kevin Moore
        Jan 15, 2019, 11:41

        As per the description there are 15 teabags in a package.

      Customer reviews
      Average rating:
      4.13(Votes: 8)
      Rating of votes (8)
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      • Dr. Pedro A Enriquez
        Sep 22, 2017, 21:27
        Brewed it cold.
        Rich flavour with plenty of nuances, dense, sweet and nice umami.
      • Tyler
        Apr 3, 2017, 14:26
        This tea has a semi sweet, grassy flavor that goes really well with a tablespoon of honey. The tea is enjoyable with or without honey, however I found that this tea is my favorite to pair with honey because of the unique flavor it creates.
      • Alex G
        Feb 2, 2017, 12:37
        Very good gyokuro quality in a bagged tea! I bought this for ease of brewing while traveling. I was a bit hesitant to try gyokuro in tea bags, but the quality far exceeded my expectations. The product is as pictured on the O-Cha website--very few stems, large 5g bags. I brew a minimum of 3 infusions (sometimes up to 5) from the same bag. Note that the bags are not individually wrapped.
      • peter spaeth
        Dec 29, 2016, 03:20
        Unique taste, an interesting change of pace from the Uji teabags, very high quality, much more leaf than in other Gyokuru bags I have purchased.
      • Ochazuke
        Dec 26, 2016, 08:59
        This is my another favorite next to Uji tea bags. It has tea stems, which gives it unique grassy flavor.
        • Art.-Nr.
        • Gewicht
          93 g
      • Loose Leaf
        • Ease of Brewing
          Medium - Brew w/ care
        • Net Weight
          20 X 5 g/.17 oz teabags
        • Growing Region
          100% Uji
        • Year
        • Harvest
          First and/or Shincha
        • Breed
        • Shading
          Full Shade (Gyokuro / Matcha)
        • Steaming
        • Color
        • Aroma
        • Taste
        • Astringency
        • Clarity
        • First infusions per Pkg
        • Organic
        • Leaf (dry weight grams) to Water (1 fl oz / 30 ml) Ratio (recommended)
          1.2 g to 1 oz/30 ml
        • Brew Temp (℃/℉ - recommended )
          60℃ (140℉)
        • Brew Time (Seconds)

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