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Matcha is a form of powdered, shade-grown green tea. Not to be confused with powdered sencha, matcha comes in large variety of quality grades - from lower, food grade "matcha" (often used in matcha lattes and smoothies) all the way up to ultra high quality ceremonial grade matcha - the kind we sell here at

Why you want to buy Japan based matcha versus matcha from a source in your own country...

Due to transit time and storage requirements, you cannot purchase matcha as fresh from a company outside of Japan as you can from one inside of Japan.  We only keep a small supply on hand and ship directly to the customer within a very short period of time. When we need more, it is freshly packaged and sent to us within 24 hours. Our products do not not spend weeks in transit and months in storage.

You cannot purchase matcha of the same quality and value from a non-Japan based firm as you can from a Japan based company. We sell and ship directly from Japan to the consumer for a very nominal shipping fee.

The matcha we sell is superior to non-Japan based matcha firms. Some are rare to find even in Japan.

It is also not uncommon to encounter lower grades of matcha at online auction sites or in online stores which have not been grown in Japan at all. Some of these are actually grown in China and imported by large corporations into Japan before being re-exported again!

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  • Beginner's Matcha Kit
    • Neue!

    Beginner's Matcha Kit

    • Only@O-Cha!

    New To Matcha?

    If you are new to matcha and are looking for a great way to get started, here's a kit that's sure to please.  In this basic kit we include four of the most basic items you will need to get started.  All components of this kit are authentic, Made in Japan products and are of the highest quality.  We carefully selected each item of this kit to give what we consider to be the best entry price to matcha while not skimping on quality in any way.

    Our Kiri-no-Mori matcha, while low priced, originates in Uji Japan and when you consider the freshness and quailty to price ratio of this product, it will most assuredly beat the pants off of any matcha you may happen to find in your local store.  Likewise, our matcha whisk is made by a real Japanese craftsman and will last much longer than the myriad of Chinese knock-offs that flood the market.

    Our black matcha bowl also enhances the beautiful color of the matcha quite nicely!

    A few accessories that while not absolutely necessary, will make your matcha drinking experience more helpful include a Matcha Sifter as well as a Tea Wisk Holder (not included in the kit). 

    Notes -  

    We cannot make product substitutions for items in this kit at this time

    As this item contains a ceramic tea bowl, the shipping price will be a bit higher due to the extra weight.

    Not rated yet
    • $58.28 USD
  • Taiko-San Uji Matcha

    Taiko-San Uji Matcha

    • A Tsuen Tea!
    • Rare!

    We didn't think we would ever be able to offer another matcha comparable to the famous Manten we currently carry; yet it has come to pass! Like Manten, we realize Uji Matcha Taiko-San is an expensive matcha and we make no bones about it - this is about as an exclusive matcha as you will ever find. If you are in search of the absolute best matcha available anywhere, however, then your search is over! Until obtained this gem from Japan's oldest teashop, this matcha had never been sold outside of Japan.

    A few words about this item...

    The farm where Taiko-San is grown is known as "Taikou-tsutsumi" and is located not too far from our supplier Tsuen tea's shop in Uji Japan. The area is both a tea farm as well as an archaeological site. The matcha is produced in this small field by the river beside an ancient levee, which is being studied for its construction methods. The grower, Mr. Fukui, farms several strains of tea in this plot and he adjusts the blend every year according to the plants condition to create the specific flavor. As with Manten, the plot is small and the yield is limited.

    This handpicked tea has an abundance of umami, which has been described by Tsuen as sweet with a hint of bitter and having a fresh green smell. The color is a rich and dark, very intense green froth. Compared with Manten, this matcha has a more masculine taste. Again, the grower has an extremely small production, and is currently supplying only the local market with this grade so the supply is extremely limited. will have this item in stock as supplies are available, which may be very hit and miss. Because of limited space and the age of the tea plants used for this item the grower will never be able to increase his production. There is no competition for this grade - this is a connoisseur's class matcha. As with matcha Manten, is the first to carry this matcha outside of Japan. Koicha (matcha which can be made thick) is sweeter, milder tasting than usucha (the normal matcha which is made in a thinner consistency). Because twice the amount of tea powder is used to make a thicker tea, a milder, less bitter product is required. While you can brew a thick matcha in the normal "thin" manner, the opposite is not true and there are really very few matcha green teas which one can make a true thick style matcha. Taiko-san, along with Manten, however, is one of those.

    If you wish to brew this in a thick manner, you may want to consider obtaining a tea whisk made especially for koicha

    Net Weight 30gm

    Score: 5.00 (votes: 22)
    Reviews: 21
    • $53.58 USD
  • Manten Uji Matcha

    Manten Uji Matcha

    • A Tsuen Tea!
    • Rare!
    Score: 4.96 (votes: 27)
    Reviews: 25
    • $48.88 USD
  • Chiyo Mukashi Uji Matcha

    Chiyo Mukashi Uji Matcha

    • High Theanine!
    • Popular!
    Score: 4.94 (votes: 16)
    Reviews: 14
    • $34.78 USD
  • Kaoru Supreme Organic Matcha

    Kaoru Supreme Organic Matcha

    • Organic
    • High Theanine!
    • Popular!
    Score: 4.79 (votes: 34)
    Reviews: 31
    • $29.14 USD
  • Cooking Grade Uji Matcha

    Cooking Grade Uji Matcha

    Score: 5.00 (votes: 3)
    Reviews: 3
    • $28.20 USD
  • Kiku Mukashi Uji Matcha

    Kiku Mukashi Uji Matcha

    • Popular!
    Score: 4.80 (votes: 30)
    Reviews: 28
    • $19.74 USD
  • Kaoru Organic Matcha

    Kaoru Organic Matcha

    • Organic
    • High Theanine!
    • Popular!'s private label organic matcha "Kaoru" - This is our middle grade of organic matcha. Grown in Kirishima district of Japan's Kagoshima prefecture with only natural organic fertilizers and no agricultural chemicals, Organic Matcha Kaoru is certified by JONA (Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association), meets JAS certification requirements, and also carries the USDA & European IMO seals (certificates on file.)  Extremely fresh, our matcha are ordered shortly before shipped to our customers and are always stored under refrigeration until shipment. Try some today!

    Net weight 30gm, this product makes approximately 24 servings per can.

    This product is also available for automatic monthly delivery!

    Score: 4.53 (votes: 17)
    Reviews: 15
    • $18.80 USD
  • Toyo Mukashi Uji Matcha

    Toyo Mukashi Uji Matcha

    • High Theanine!
    • Popular!
    Score: 4.84 (votes: 31)
    Reviews: 27
    • $16.92 USD
  • Kyou Mukashi Uji Matcha

    Kyou Mukashi Uji Matcha

    • Popular!
    Score: 5.00 (votes: 23)
    Reviews: 23
    • $15.04 USD
  • Kiri no Mori Uji Matcha

    Kiri no Mori Uji Matcha

    • Popular!
    Score: 4.92 (votes: 59)
    Reviews: 58
    • $13.16 USD
  • Uji Organic Matcha

    Uji Organic Matcha

    • Organic
    • High Theanine!

    Although this is the lowest priced matcha we carry, the quality is nonetheless quite good for the price, making Uji Organic Matcha a great bargain. From Uji, located near Kyoto, this matcha is grown with only natural organic fertilizers and no agricultural chemicals. It is certified by JONA (Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association) and carries the JAS mark. Try some today!

    Net weight 30gm, this product makes approximately 24 servings per can. 

    This product is also available for automatic monthly delivery!

    Score: 4.74 (votes: 31)
    Reviews: 25
    • $11.28 USD
  • Powdered Sencha

    Powdered Sencha

    • High Catechins!

    From Uji Japan, one of our most popular items. Not to be confused with the "Matcha" used for the tea ceremony, Powdered Sencha is a good sencha that is ground into a talcum-like fine green powder. 1/4 teaspoon in hot water will give you an immediate supply of the healthy ingredients in green tea. Many add this to their shake mixes. Try it today!

    Net weight 100gm

    Score: 5.00 (votes: 17)
    Reviews: 16
    • $10.34 USD
  • Powdered Sencha - Organic

    Powdered Sencha - Organic

    • Organic
    • High Catechins!
    Score: 4.91 (votes: 11)
    Reviews: 10
    • $9.40 USD