Matcha & Gepuderter Grüner Tee


Matcha is a form of powdered, shade-grown green tea. Not to be confused with powdered sencha, matcha comes in large variety of quality grades - from lower, food grade "matcha" (often used in matcha lattes and smoothies) all the way up to ultra high quality ceremonial grade matcha - the kind we sell here at

Why you want to buy Japan based matcha versus matcha from a source in your own country...

Due to transit time and storage requirements, you cannot purchase matcha as fresh from a company outside of Japan as you can from one inside of Japan.  We only keep a small supply on hand and ship directly to the customer within a very short period of time. When we need more, it is freshly packaged and sent to us within 24 hours. Our products do not not spend weeks in transit and months in storage.

You cannot purchase matcha of the same quality and value from a non-Japan based firm as you can from a Japan based company. We sell and ship directly from Japan to the consumer for a very nominal shipping fee.

The matcha we sell is superior to non-Japan based matcha firms. Some are rare to find even in Japan.

It is also not uncommon to encounter lower grades of matcha at online auction sites or in online stores which have not been grown in Japan at all. Some of these are actually grown in China and imported by large corporations into Japan before being re-exported again!

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  • Kiri no Mori Uji Matcha
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        Kiri no Mori Uji Matcha
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        • $9.52 USD
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      • Kaoru Supreme Organic Matcha
        • Organic
        • High Theanine!
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            Kaoru Supreme Organic Matcha
            Score: 4.7 (votes: 40)
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            • $21.08 USD
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          • Toyo Mukashi Uji Matcha
            • High Theanine!
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                Toyo Mukashi Uji Matcha
                Score: 4.8 (votes: 43)
                Reviews: 32
                • $12.24 USD
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