Kiku Mukashi Uji Matcha
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Ratings and Reviews of Kiku Mukashi Uji Matcha

Score: 4.78 (votes: 32)
Reviews: 28
Score: 4.78 (votes: 32)
Reviews: 28
Rating of votes (32)
Customer reviews
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  • Katalin Balog
    Dec 7, 2016, 08:40
    I am new to matcha but I have experimented with a couple of others before I settled on this. Very smooth, refined taste, but what I am most impressed by is the calming effect. Whereas with other green tea I sometimes get a bit buzzed and lightheaded right after drinking it, this one never had any weird aftereffect. Calm energy....
  • Matthew Skrobanski
    Oct 27, 2016, 20:55
    I have bought this matcha before, and it is wonderful in my opinion. When the water is just right, you can certainly taste why it is called the "chrysanthemum of old." There is a flowery flavor, very green with smooth consistency. A nice froth appears during whisking with a great aroma. Delightful to drink, slightly grassy with only a very small astringent note. I've noticed that Kiku Mukashi leaves me feeling very calm and serene after a bowl or two. I would highly recommend this matcha to everyone.Truly unique and a great price for the quality.
  • Laura Mullins
    Apr 22, 2016, 05:17
    I was really impressed with this matcha. I have had other matcha before that was not near as good. This one was extremely fresh, vibrant green, easy to whip into a froth, and delicious with no bitterness that i noticed. Thank you so much for offering such a great product at a very reasonable price!!
  • Tracey Hash
    Apr 17, 2016, 04:25
    Very good, above average and price point is very good! I love all the teas I've tried from O-Cha, from the very expensive to the least expensive. All are good! I find this one is perfect middle ground for me. My boyfriend says that if I don't get my tea, that I am a cranky girl! Lol!! I live for my Match from O-Cha!! Love your company and all it has to offer! Thank you!
  • Tim H
    Apr 6, 2016, 21:22
    I always come back to this, makes me want to go into a deep state of meditation.
  • Todd Reiley
    Apr 1, 2016, 22:42
    This is my favorite matcha so far.Wonderful green color, unami flavors when brewed at correct temp. I am very impressed with o-cha's matcha.
  • George Peele
    Mar 23, 2016, 08:32
    The matcha was of high quality with zen like sensation. Some bitterness with a sweet after taste.
  • John Lebel
    Mar 21, 2016, 22:29
    I was very pleasantly surprised by this matcha! Good quality matcha at a very good price with great customer service. I'll definitely be reordering from O-cha!
  • Alicia Beckwith
    Sep 30, 2015, 03:12
    This is my first ceremonial matcha that I'm trying, so I'm still trying to get a feel for how I can best enjoy this tea to its full capacity. I've had my fair share of loose leaf tea, but keep in mind that I am very much a newbie to matcha as you read this review:

    First off, I tried the standard matcha ratio that I've seen recommended online (2 scoops for 2oz) and that turned out to be very bitter tasting and not very enjoyable with this tea, but then I cut the amount of matcha in half for my second cup (2 small scoops for 4oz), and the taste had the bitterness, but it was more muted so I was able to enjoy it more. I think this has to do with personal preference more than anything.

    The color of the tea isn't the bright green that I was expecting either, it's more of a deep forest green color. Picture that you're wandering through the forest, an hour past noon, and there are small shadows that cast on the leaves of the trees around you. The color of those leaves in the shadows are the color of this matcha in the container and when it's whisked. So definitely not a bright matcha green like I was expecting. I'm wondering if there was an issue with packaging or something similar since O-cha states that freshness is very important to them. Also, I work at a Starbucks and our food grade matcha powder that we use for our lattes is brighter than the matcha here (10/10 would not recommend Starbucks matcha for tea making though, just saying), which really makes me wonder. This is why I'm taking a star off. The froth isn't as thick as I was imagining as well, though I've only whisked matcha twice now and I'm betting it's more so my technique than the quality of the tea. 

    I haven't noticed a creaminess to the tea, or a pleasant aftertaste. It really does taste similar to a lot of the loose leaf green teas that I've sampled in the past. The aftertaste has the expected plant-like hint (tea is made of leaves, go figure) but it's very fleeting. 

    Overall I wasn't as impressed with this tea as I expected myself to be. The combination of the dark color and the bitterness makes me wonder if I got a batch picked later than it should have, though I don't consider myself enough of a matcha expert to blindly assume that's the case.

    I'm actually going to break one of my cardinal rules of drinking tea and try this matcha with some milk to see if that helps at all with soothing the bitterness and enhancing the "creamy" taste that's supposed to come with matcha teas. 

    Pros: The container is cute and well-sealed, and the delivery was faster than I was expecting, even for Express mail.
    - The tea doesn't taste bad, just the bitterness can be overwhelming at times.
    - I ordered this tea with the whisk, whisk holder and bamboo spoon, and I thoroughly enjoy the process of using them when making the matcha. It makes the tea feel special. 

    Cons: The bitterness. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone that's not used to steeping their tea for longer than the average person. It has a very strong flavor to it. Unless you dilute the tea so much that the taste of the tea itself is minimal then I don't think most people would enjoy this tea. 
    - The color. It wasn't the bright matcha green I was expecting. 

    Maybe I'll try ordering matcha from O-cha again, but I plan on shopping around just to get a comparison between the different companies.
  • Roger Robledo
    Jun 9, 2015, 07:24
    One of the best Matchas Ive tasted. Smooth and has a beautiful color. I would highly recommend this one for beginners and beyond. its great in cold water as a grab and go. 

    Advantages: A lot of product for a small price. 

    Disadvantages: none.

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